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 December 17, 2012  World's Leading Small Ships Cruise Line recognition from World Travel Awards
 December 11, 2012  American Cruise Lines Announces 2013 Alaska Guest Speakers
 November 27, 2012
 American Cruise Lines Purchases Historic 1880s Calliope for Queen of the Mississippi
 November 14, 2012
 Introducing the Discover America Cruise Collection
 October 18, 2012
 American Cruise Lines Experiences Pre-Wave Season with Record Sales
 October 10, 2012  Rave Reviews for American Cruise Lines on the Mississippi River
 October 3, 2012  Smithsonian Magazine's 10th Annual Photo Contest Sponsored by American Cruise Lines
 September 27, 2012  American Cruise Lines introduces the Spring Cruise Collection
 September 12, 2012  Successful Inaugural Season in Alaska for American Cruise Lines
 August 23, 2012  American Cruise Lines to Christen Queen of the Mississippi
 August 3, 2012  American Cruise Lines Introduces Queen of the Mississippi
 June 13, 2012  Passengers Applaud American Cruise Lines' First Alaskan Cruise
 June 12, 2012  American Cruise Lines Announces New Puget Sound Cruises
 June 5, 2012  American Cruise Lines' Queen of the Mississippi Heads for New Orleans 
 June 4, 2012  American Cruise Lines Expands National Call Center in Guilford
 May 10, 2012  American Cruise Lines Introduces the Culinary Cruise Collection
 April 26, 2012  American Cruise Lines Announces Plans for Travel Agent Web Portal
 March 20, 2012  Queen of the Mississippi Successfully Completes First Sea Trial
 March 13, 2012  American Cruise Lines Building Third New Riverboat
 March 7, 2012  Queen of the Mississippi Nearly Complete
 February 23, 2012  American Cruise Lines Mark Twain Tribute Cruise
 February 02, 2012  Complimentary Alaska Shore Tours from American Cruise Lines
 January 25, 2012  Queen of the Mississippi 2013 Schedule
 January 18, 2012  More Amenities aboard Queen of the Mississippi

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