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New American Cruise Lines Theme Cruise Pages Launched

by User Not Found | Mar 15, 2013

At American Cruise Lines, we like to plan and develop cruises that passengers can truly get involved in, whether it’s a deep exploration of history or a closer look at culture. These interests are closely examined during our special theme cruises. For instance, if you take a Mississippi River Jazz Cruise on the Queen of the Mississippi, you will be treated to behind-the-scenes tours and onboard performances centered around one of America’s most influential genres of music – jazz.

Recently, we launched two new theme cruise pages on our website, one for our Chesapeake Bay Crabfest Cruise and one for our Mark Twain Tribute Cruise, both of which are particular favorites of guests. For more information about either of these theme cruises, visit the links below:

Chesapeake Bay Crabfest Cruise


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