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American Spirit Welcomes a New Member to its Family

by User Not Found | May 17, 2013

We recently received this wonderful story from our American Spirit hotel manager, Chelsea Hargis:

The crew of the American Spirit is proud to announce its adoption of Spirit, a female Orca from the L Pod.  Although the Orca Adoption Program, supported by The Whale Museum in Friday Harbor, WA, offered many different killer whales to adopt, the unanimous final decision was Spirit.

 American Spirit Crew  

Proud parents on the American Spirit – (From left to right) Kevin Gaiser, Nikki Baran, Captain Don Johnson, Chelsea Hargis, Mate Ian Edmonds


“We just knew that Spirit was the one for us.  Her name represents our ship well and her story is just as telling as our own ship’s story,” Captain Johnson shared with crew and passengers.

Born in 1971, Spirit has seen many portions of the waterways, including the western side of San Juan Island and the Straight of Juan de Fuca, where the American Spirit cruises through on its journey from Friday Harbor to Port Angeles, WA.

Spirit, An Orca Whale

Mate Edmonds remarked to the Hotel Manager, “I’m hoping to look out one of these days from the pilot house and see Spirit.  It would really make these Puget Sound trips even better than they already are.”

With that being said, the American Spirit crew will be extra vigilant the remaining trips so as to not miss seeing their new family member, displaying a nick midway down her dorsal fin and a closed saddle patch on both her sides.

Welcome aboard, Spirit!


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