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American Civil War Cruises

Civil War Cruise
  Join us as we explore the history of the Western and Eastern Theaters of the American Civil War. Delve into these two important regions taking you to the battlefields, monuments and museums that share the stories of these defining times in American History.

Visit fascinating historical sites including Vicksburg Military Park and the Louisiana State Museum. The onboard program is tailored perfectly to the itinerary, emphasizing the personalities and strategies of the Confederate and Union generals including Ulysses S. Grant, William T. Sherman, and PGT Beauregard.

Historic South & Golden Isles Civil War Cruises
The Eastern Theater


    The Eastern Theater saw tremendous sacrifice and struggle. Bearing the brunt of the Union Army advances and the bulk of Confederate forces, this region was the scene of many hard-fought battles.

The Historic South Civil War Cruise will take you on a fascinating journey through historic sites and landmarks including Charleston, Savannah and Beaufort.

Our guided shore excursions explain in rich detail how each was instrumental in the American Civil War.

2016 Civil War Cruise Dates

March 12, 2016
April 9, 2016

Historic Sites: Beaufort and Jekyll Island

Mississippi River Civil War Cruises
The Western Theater

  Explore in fascinating detail the battles and history that defined the Western Theater of the Civil War. Embark on a New Orleans Cruise or New Orleans to Memphis cruise that will highlight the strategic sites of Vicksburg, Baton Rouge and St. Francisville.

Through guided shore excursions, learn how each site played an important role in the eventual outcome of the War Between the States.

The Mississippi River was of tremendous value to both the Union and Rebel forces and this cruise highlights how vital this famous waterway was during this conflict.

2016 Civil War Cruise DatesNew Orleans to Memphis cruise map 

New Orleans Round Trip
April 30, July 9 and October 22, 2016

Lower Mississippi River Cruise
May 21, 2016

Historic Sites: Oak Alley & Vicksburg National Military Park

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Downtown Vicksburg, MS on Mississippi River New Orleans cruise
Civil War author Dr. Michael Deeb will join the cruise as special guest lecturer

Special Cruise Events

Onboard Guest Lecturer: As a Civil War scholar and author, Dr. Michael Deeb brings deep knowledge and insight to the events, themes and history of the war that shaped America's roots. During our Civil War cruise, Dr. Deeb will lead several presentations about the historic battles and significant locales along the Mississippi River. Throughout the cruise, Dr. Deeb will be available to answer questions and speak with guests, adding to everyone's superior historical cruise experience.

Helena Museum in Helena, AR: Guests will join Civil War expert John Darnell on a guided tour of the Helena Museum. This museum is a cultural resource that preserves the region’s natural beauty and rich history. After the tour, guests will have the opportunity to further explore the museum’s exhibits, which highlight Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, the Civil War, and much more.

National Military Park in Vicksburg, MS: This Park commemorates the campaign, siege, and defense of Vicksburg in 1863 and includes over 1,370 monuments and markers, a restored Union gunboat, and a national cemetery.  Guests aboard the Civil War theme cruises will enjoy an extended stay at the Visitors’ Center, filled with an impressive array of exhibits and artifacts from the Siege of Vicksburg.

Rosedown State Plantation in St. Francisville, LA: Experience a special tour of the 374-acre plantation. Most of the original imported furniture from the Civil War still remains on display in the mansion.  Crowds have been drawn to this plantation for years for its elaborate landscape, flourishing gardens, and unique American historical background.

Louisiana State Museum in Baton Rouge, LA: The city’s newest and largest museum features state-of-the-art exhibits exploring Louisiana’s fascinating culture and history. The Civil War exhibit is complete with an authentic Confederate submarine.

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