Highlights of the Columbia River Cruise

Our Highlights of the Columbia River cruise offers the best of the Pacific Northwest with the convenience of a round-trip from Portland. Much of your time on this cruise is spent in the Columbia River Gorge, a national scenic area and the only navigable route through the Cascade Mountains.

During your cruise, we offer a carefully curated package of shore excursions that take you to some of the areas' highlights, including the famous Multnomah Falls, Mount St. Helens, and Fort Clatsop where the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discover spent the winter of 1805-1806.

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Cruise Itinerary

Ports of Call
Portland, OR
Astoria, OR
Mount St. Helens, WA
Stevenson, WA
Portland, OR

Highlights of the Columbia River Cruise

During this epic 5-day journey which begins and ends in the historic city of Portland, explore the oldest American settlement west of the Rockies, view one of North America's tallest waterfalls, and visit one of the largest farmer's markets in the United States.

Ports of Call

  • Complimentary Package
  • Portland, OR
  • Astoria, OR
  • Mount St. Helens, WA
  • Stevenson, WA
  • Portland, OR

Day by Day

Daily excursions subject to change.

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Complimentary Package

Each Columbia & Snake Rivers itinerary comes complete with a Complimentary Pre-Cruise Package, providing you with a seamless way to board the ship and explore the local area. Arrive the day before your scheduled cruise date and American Cruise Lines will handle the rest. The package includes a premium hotel stay, where you can enjoy the city at your leisure. On the morning of the cruise, meet in the hotel lobby after breakfast and we will transport you to the ship to begin your cruise. All luggage will be brought directly from the hotel and placed in your stateroom aboard the ship.

Pre-Cruise Packages must be reserved at least 30 days before your cruise date.
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Day 1
Portland, OR

At the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers, Portland was once a sanctuary for pioneers and is a fitting place to start your journey. The city is surrounded by national parkland, but also offers an array of museums and shopping. If arriving a day early, visit the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum or the Portland Art Museum. 

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Day 2
Astoria, OR

The oldest American settlement west of the Rockies, the town of Astoria is steeped in culture and tradition. The city is home is to more than 70 Victorian-era homes and is the site of Fort Clatsop, a replica of where Lewis and Clark spent the winter of 1805-1806. Astoria is also well-known for being an integral part of the lucrative fur trading industry in the 1800's, with the Pacific Fur Company as the primary trading post in town.

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Columbia River Maritime Museum - Complimentary Excursion

In the morning, take a trolley or a leisurely 5-minute walk to the Columbia River Maritime Museum and meet with our guide for a personalized tour of the facilities. Learn about the history of crossing the bar, known as one of the toughest and most treacherous routes in maritime history. Witness remnants of some of the actual ships that were destroyed during the river crossing, discover artifacts, and learn what makes this specific area so dangerous and feared by even the most experienced sailors.

Cruising the Columbia river

Fort Clatsop & Astoria Experience

The evening before you tour Astoria, our onboard lecturer, often Todd Weber, will provide an entertaining and historically significant portrayal of the city and the Lewis and Clark Expedition which took place during the 1800s.  

At Fort Clatsop, a park ranger will meet with our group to explain its significance and begin a personalized tour of the grounds. Witness live demonstrations, tour the museum, and explore the exact replica of the fort where Lewis and Clark camped in the winter of 1806.

Visit the Astoria Column, a majestic tower perched high on a bluff overlooking the city and river. Enjoy outstanding views of the landscape below and our ship as it rests in port. If you are up to the challenge, walk the 164 steps up the tower to the observation deck for a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity.

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Cape Disappointment State Park

In the morning, take a scenic tour through Astoria as we journey to Cape Disappointment State Park. Here a park ranger will greet us and serve as our guide through the impressive Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center. Situated on the cliffs 200 feet above the Pacific Ocean, the Center commemorates the Corps of Discovery’s 1804-1806 expedition. Witness live demonstrations, an interactive film, and a variety of exhibits dedicated to Lewis and Clark. The impressive mural-sized “timeline” panels guide you through the exhibit while featuring many of the actual sketches, paintings, and photographs of the Corps members. This tour perfectly complements Todd Weber’s on board Lewis and Clark lectures.

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Day 3
Mount St. Helens, WA

Perhaps the most impactful of all landmarks in the region is Mount St. Helens. From high on an overlook, bear witness to the awesome power of the volcano whose eruption in 1980 scorched 230 square miles of forest land and forever changed the landscape. Expert guides will show you the pumice plain and lava dome as they explain the impact the volcano had on the environment and the lives of those in the surrounding towns.

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Mount St. Helens Experience - Complimentary Excursion

May 18, 1980 is a day etched into the history of the United States, as the powerful eruption of Mount St. Helens drastically changed the landscape of what is now referred to as the National Volcanic Monument. On your scenic journey to the Mount St. Helens Johnston Ridge Observatory, your tour guide will provide engaging commentary regarding the eruption, how it affected the landscape and surrounding communities, and how the environment has responded naturally to the disturbance. The Observatory itself sits on a bluff near the crater, offering spectacular views of the pumice plain and blast site.

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Day 4
Stevenson, WA

Multnomah Falls is an awesome sight to behold. Get up close to one of North America's tallest waterfalls as you stroll along the footpath to Benson Bridge to admire its magnificence. Explore the village of Stevenson, which is easily accessible from our dock.  and enjoy its mix of classic small town charm with a unique Northwest flair.

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Multnomah Falls - Complimentary Excursion

A highlight of any trip to the Pacific Northwest is Multnomah Falls, the second tallest year-round waterfall in the U.S.  After breakfast, our private guide will meet you at the ship’s dock along the Columbia River Gorge to begin your journey. As you wind through the thick forest, cross the impressive “Bridge of the Gods,” before finally reaching Multnomah Falls. Upon arrival, you will have time to explore the Falls on your own and walk the famous Benson Bridge to get the best vantage point for your photo opportunities.

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Columbia River Gorge Interpretive Center - Complimentary Excursion

Enjoy a self-guided tour of the Columbia River Gorge Interpretive Center, which showcases the area's unique history and cultural diversity. From the Native American tribes that inhabited the gorge to the expedition of Lewis and Clark and 19th-century loggers, learn of the bountiful life on the gorge as you explore this amazing museum.


Bonneville Dam

Throughout your journey on the Columbia River, you will transit 8 locks, lifting the ship more than 700 feet vertically. Building upon the lectures of our onboard experts throughout the week, this excursion provides guests with an in-depth understanding of and appreciation for the engineering that enables the Dam to generate enough hydroelectric power to provide nearly 500,000 homes with electricity.

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Day 5
Portland, OR

End your cruise back in the city of Portland. Spend the afternoon in the city and admire the red brick of Pioneer Courthouse Square and the beautiful fountains of Waterfront Park. Visit the Saturday Market, one of the largest farmer's markets in the United States, a wonderful place to conclude an amazing week in the Pacific Northwest.

Columbia river cruise tour

Views from the Vista House

Explore Portland on this city tour which will highlight downtown, local bridges, and the Vista House. Built in 1917, the Vista House serves as a rest stop observatory for travelers on the old Columbia River Gorge Highway and as a memorial honoring Oregon’s pioneers—particularly those who made their way down the Columbia River. Enjoy the incredible scenic views at this historic site.


This journey encapsulates everything wonderful about the legendary Columbia River. From the beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife to the rich history along its shores, you will experience the very best the region has to offer.

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Queen of the West

A veteran of the Columbia and Snake Rivers, Queen of the West underwent major renovations with upgrades to passenger staterooms, lounges, galley, and engine room. Meticulous care and attention to detail went into the reconstruction, from the newly designed and custom built furniture to the expanded staterooms and additional private balconies.

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Owner's Suite (Private Balcony)


Enjoy the spacious accommodations of our 280 sq. ft. Owner’s Suites that provide the luxury and privacy. Each features a full-size bathroom, a seating area, and desk. Offering the best views of the river directly from your suite and the living space of premium hotel, the expansive Owner’s Suite is the very best way to follow the grand route of Lewis and Clark.

AAC (Private Balcony)


Conveniently located on the second and third decks, these  AAC staterooms are equipped with private balconies which provide some spectacular panoramic views of the Columbia and Snake Rivers and the surrounding landscape. At 246 . ft., these staterooms also offer a sitting area, desk, and full-size bathroom.

AAL (Private Balcony)


Located on the second and third decks, our AAL staterooms give you plenty of room to relax and unwind during your cruise. Enjoy a luxurious 236 . ft. living space that is equipped with plush seating, a full-size bathroom, and a private balcony that offers great views of the surrounding scenery.



With over 204 . ft. of space, these elegant staterooms are spacious and comfortable. Enjoy a full-size bathroom, writing desk, and large picture window that features great views of the Columbia and Snake rivers.



Located on the third deck, these 183 sq. ft. staterooms offer both intimate privacy and expansive views of the passing scenery. Equipped with all of the amenities found in a hotel, these staterooms offer exceptional comfort and are located near the ship’s library.



Our Category A, 183 sq. ft. staterooms are ideally located with easy access to the lounge and dining room. Your tastefully decorated room features a comfortable seating area and private bathroom.

Single (Private Balcony)


The intimate atmosphere of our Single staterooms is ideal for the solo traveler. Featuring 181 sq. ft., rooms can be arranged to your liking and offer a spacious bathroom and your very own walk-out private balcony.



Retaining the luxury of a double-occupancy stateroom, our Single staterooms feature 149 sq.ft. of space, open views, and -size bathrooms.

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