Unlimited Earning Potential 
with American Cruise Lines

We know you work hard. Our tiered commission structure assures that those who book are rewarded:

  • Travel Agents working with American Cruise Lines will receive up to 15% commissions on each guest booking, based on our tiered commission structure.
  • Higher commissions can be earned by increasing revenue per calendar year. Your agency can increase your base commission each year, with the additional opportunity to increase that rate throughout the year if a new tier is reached.
  • With this tiered structure you can earn well over $1,000 on average per double occupancy booking.


Commission Structure Details


  • Tiers are based on annual net revenue.
  • Commission levels will be set according to what tier each agency reaches in the previous calendar year. 
  • Production audits are done at the end of December each year. 
  • Agencies can move up the tiered structure, based on production throughout the year.
  • Agencies will be adjusted down the tiers only if in the annual audit the agencies production falls.

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(Based on Annual Net Income)


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