Why River Cruising?

The Riverboat Experience

Riverboats are inherently smaller with fewer guests onboard, making for a more intimate and personalized travel experience. Guests often make lasting friendships with other travelers and may even book future river cruises together.

The Crew Connection

The crew and onboard experts also become well-acquainted with guests and can cater to individual tastes and requests. It’s not uncommon that the crew knows each guest by name and that onboard historians share a meal with guests.

Land and Sea

Unlike cruising on the open ocean, the riverboat journey is a smooth one, with land never far out of sight and beautiful landscapes nearly close enough to touch. A riverboat is able to dock in the heart of destinations inaccessible to large cruise ships, resulting in an up-close exploration of the small towns and unique cities that define America.

Why Us? River Cruising with American

American Cruise Lines offers the finest U.S. River Cruises available. You can choose from a variety of riverboat cruise options to find the one that’s right for you.


As we travel along America’s legendary rivers, we provide our guests with an elevated cruise experience, through immersive cultural exploration, well-designed enrichment programs on board and ashore, and all the comforts that come with cruising on the newest fleet in the country.