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American Riverboat Cruise Ships

Our series of modern American Riverboats has introduced the sophistication of a fine hotel to America's rivers. Accommodating just 180 guests, each ship ensures a personalized experience on board with our dedicated crew and onshore led by our expert guides. This revolutionary fleet features the largest-in-class staterooms, including single occupancy options, with full-size bathrooms, private balconies, and large opening picture windows. These riverboats also boast a spectacular four-story glass atrium, indoor and outdoor dining venues, a large fitness center, multiple spacious lounges, and an incredible top deck showcasing a Skywalk with breathtaking river views.

Our modern American riverboats carries with it not just passengers, but a rich history and a deep connection to the heart and soul of America.

Our fleet of Columbia and Snake Rivers American Riverboats
Our fleet of Mississippi River American Riverboats

The Small Ship Advantage

Ship Diagram
Interactive Diagram item Sky Bar
Sky Bar

270 degree views high above the river make this a favorite spot to enjoy a delicious cocktail as you take in the delightful passing scenery.
Interactive Diagram item Fitness Center
Fitness Center

The largest on any riverboat, our fitness center offers state-of-the-art exercise equipment and daily yoga classes.
Interactive Diagram item Ellipse Cafe
Ellipse Cafe

A casual outdoor cafe for a lighter meal, serving sandwiches, burgers, salads, and more.
Interactive Diagram item Restaurant

Each delicious menu features American specialities with locally sourced ingredients. Plenty of space is available for all guests to be seated at the same time.
Interactive Diagram item The Largest Staterooms with Private Balconies
Largest Staterooms

Our spacious staterooms are the largest in the small cruise ship industry. These hotel-like rooms feature large opening picture windows, roomy baths, and all American Riverboats include furnished private balconies.
Interactive Diagram item Grand Suites
Grand Suites

The luxurious Grand Suite measures 650 sq. ft. and features a separate bedroom and living area, ideal for gathering with family and friends after an invigorating day of exploration. Sliding glass doors lead out to a private balcony complete with a private dining area, the perfect place to enjoy breakfast room service or watch the sun set.
Interactive Diagram item Library, Chart Room
Library & Chart Room

The charming library aboard an American Riverboat™ is a quiet enclave with a trove of American classics. Guests can also enjoy a friendly board game. Our chart rooms follow our progress as we cruise the river.
Interactive Diagram item Glass Atrium
Glass Atrium

A grand staircase spiraling up the center of the ship, leading to each level and featuring expansive views.  The perfect gathering place.
Interactive Diagram item Sun Deck
Sun Deck

Features the Sky Walk cantilevered high above the water for scenic walks, but is also home to shuffleboard or a putting green and plenty of relaxing lounge chairs.
Interactive Diagram item River Lounge, Complimentary Cocktail Hour
River Lounge

Set for casual conversation during the day, our nightly complimentary cocktail hour, and lively entertainment after dinner.
Interactive Diagram item Bow Terrace
Bow Terrace

The perfect place to relax and enjoy the adventures found around every bend in the river.

The American Riverboat Experience

Our American Riverboat™ represents the history and romance of river travel in the United States.

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What Sets Our Ships Apart

Largest Staterooms in the Industry

We take pride in the generous size of our staterooms which are the largest in the industry. Averaging over 350 square feet, each features the most modern amenities, including full-size bathrooms comparable to the finest hotels. After a day of exploration, guests can relax in their private sanctuary, complete with all the comforts of home.

Rolls Royce Stabilizers

All our ships are built in the U.S. at Chesapeake Shipbuilding in Maryland and are equipped with state-of-the-art Rolls-Royce stabilizers. This feature enables our guests to experience the smoothest cruising available along the scenic waterways and legendary rivers of the country, bringing you to your desired location in comfort.

Lounges with Panoramic River Views

A variety of lounges are available offering a space for every mood from the quiet in the study to the congenial camaraderie in the Sky Lounge. No matter which lounge you choose, you will be surrounded by panoramic views as you read a favorite book or discuss the day’s activities with fellow guests.

Private Balconies

Our spacious staterooms feature private balconies with full-length sliding glass doors, the perfect place to unwind at the end of an enriching day. Each private balcony is furnished with table and chairs for dining, lounging, or simply enjoying breathtaking views as warm breezes to fill your room.