Columbia and Snake Rivers Cruise

Hayden Island, OR to Clarkston, WA

Clarkston, WA to Hayden Island, OR

8 Days / 7 Nights

Cruise Overview

Embrace the pioneering spirit of Lewis and Clark on a riverboat cruise along the Columbia and Snake Rivers. You’ll visit stunning ports such as Astoria, Kalama, and Clarkston. At the same time, immerse yourself in the history of the expedition into the West. Along the way, stop in Pendleton and learn about the native people of the land while enjoying guided museum excursions and underground tunnel exploration. Savor the finest area wines and local cuisine. Be inspired by the breathtaking views of the Columbia River Gorge, Multnomah Falls, and the Cascade Mountain Range. Witness the power of nature at Mount St. Helens and the impact of human engineering as the river’s famed lock and dam system lifts your ship above sea level.

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Columbia and Snake Rivers Cruise Itinerary


Inaugurated 2019
Guest Capacity 190
Rooms 102
Common Areas 11
Inaugurated 2020
Guest Capacity 190
Rooms 99
Common Areas 6
Inaugurated 2018
Guest Capacity 184
Rooms 94
Common Areas 6
Inaugurated 1995
Guest Capacity 100
Rooms 70
Common Areas 4
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Columbia and Snake Rivers Cruise

8 Days - 7 Nights OneWay 8 Ports of Call

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