The Great United States

51 Days/50 Nights
May 30, 2025 –  July 19, 2025
New For 2025
  • 51 Days
  • 15 States
  • 3 Ships
May 30, 2025 –  July 19, 2025

Cruising the nation’s legendary rivers and picturesque coastlines, guests will experience one comprehensive itinerary that links together many of American Cruise Lines’ most fascinating and popular cruises. Guests will explore 15 U.S. states aboard three small ships, traverse four U.S. time zones, and cruise coast to coast along four U.S. rivers for an unparalleled adventure.

Start your journey with the Columbia & Snake Rivers and three National Parks. Roll along the Mississippi River with Mark Twain and Elvis before venturing to explore the charming harbor towns of New England and New York. Onboard, guests enjoy spacious staterooms, private balconies, elegant restaurants and casual cafes, multiple indoor and outdoor lounges including wide-open top decks for breathtaking views of the passing scenery.

All elements of the travel experience are fully curated, and all arrangements handled with the utmost care by the American Cruise Lines' dedicated travel team, ensuring guests have a seamless journey from beginning to end on this monumental U.S. River cruise.

Cruise Fare Includes:

  • 51 Day Exploration of America
  • Complimentary Pre-Cruise Hotel Stay
  • Daily Excursions and Entertainment
  • All meals and beverages
  • WiFi everywhere
  • All flights between cruise segments (2 flights)
  • All hotels between cruise segments (4 hotel nights)
  • American Cruise Lines jacket and gear pack
  • All tips, gratuities, and port charges

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  • Day 1 Portland, OR
    Day 1 – Portland, OR

    Portland, Oregon, thrives as a hub of creativity and natural splendor, seamlessly blending urban life with the outdoors. The city is enveloped by scenic waterways, with the Willamette River cutting through its heart and the mighty Columbia River defining its northern reach, offering ample opportunities for water sports and riverside activities. Neighborhoods like the Pearl District showcase a contemporary, artistic flair, while Hawthorne maintains a quirky atmosphere with vintage shops and eclectic boutiques. Portland's commitment to sustainability is evident in its well-utilized bike paths, efficient public transit, and numerous eco-friendly initiatives, making it a leader in environmental conservation.,%20or/acl_website_700x500_portland1-1.jpg?ext=.jpg
    Hotel Stay

    Each Columbia and Snake Rivers itinerary comes with a Hotel Stay, providing you with a seamless way to board the ship and explore the local area. 

    On the morning of the cruise, meet in the hotel lobby after breakfast and we will transport you to the ship to begin your cruise. All luggage will be brought directly from the hotel and placed in your stateroom aboard the ship.



    Hells Canyon Flightseeing Adventure (Brand New)

    Enjoy our Hells Canyon Flightseeing Adventure over, through, and around the Nez Perce's "land of the winding rivers." On this unforgettable narrated experience, soar over scenic rolling hills, crystal clear rivers, and abounding timbered wilderness as you learn about the region’s spectacular ecology, geology, and history.

    This is a Signature shore excursion and should be reserved in advance. Please call (800) 894-8570 for information.,%20wa/220421-flightseeing-excursion.jpg?ext=.jpg
  • Day 2 Cruising the Columbia River
    Day 2 – Cruising the Columbia River

    Step aboard and embark on a scenic cruise with the awe-inspiring Mount Hood and the dramatic Mount St. Helens framing your journey as we sail towards the confluence of the West’s most storied river.

    With postcard views, watch as the mountains blend into the sky, the trees hug the shores, and the wildlife coexist alongside you. Enjoy this picturesque setting in the company of like-minded travelers, whether you're lounging in one of the ship's airy, well-appointed lounges or soaking up the sun and panoramic views on the expansive sun deck.,%20or/acl_website_700x500_day_of_cruising1-1.jpg?ext=.jpg
    Welcome Aboard

    As you embark upon your journey, enjoy a Welcome Aboard Reception with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and entertainment. Meet the crew, your onboard experts, and fellow guests. Learn more about the wonderful adventure ahead of you.
  • Day 3 Astoria, OR
    Day 3 – Astoria, OR

    Astoria, the oldest American settlement west of the Rockies, captivates with its hillside of colorful Victorian homes that echo the charm of San Francisco. This vibrant town invites you to discover its unique streets on your own or join one of the many engaging excursions available.

    Step back in time with a visit to the National Park Service's replica of Fort Clatsop, where the Lewis and Clark Expedition braved the winter of 1805-06. Jump aboard the classic red trolley for a scenic journey along Astoria's picturesque waterfront or ascend to the Astoria Column perched on a city bluff for breathtaking panoramic views. Wander through quaint local shops, vibrant art galleries, cozy wineries, and bustling craft breweries. Just steps from where your ship docks, the acclaimed Columbia River Maritime Museum awaits, ready to unfold the area’s extensive maritime story.
    Columbia River Maritime Museum - Complimentary Excursion

    Experience the Columbia River Maritime Museum on a self-guided excursion. The Columbia River Maritime Museum is the official maritime museum of the state of Oregon and also prides itself as being one of the finest maritime museums on the West Coast. 

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Fort Clatsop Experience

    On this excursion, you will learn the history of the area while visiting Fort Clatsop, the site where the Lewis and Clark Expedition wintered in 1806.  Explore the Visitor Center and take a walk outside to view the Fort that was built during this famous expedition. 

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Cape Disappointment State Park

    Enjoy a scenic journey to Cape Disappointment State Park and visit the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, situated high on the cliffs 200 feet above the pounding Pacific surf.  A series of mural-sized “timeline” panels guide visitors through the westward journey of the Lewis and Clark Expedition using sketches, paintings, photographs, and the words of Corps members themselves. 

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Astoria Local Loop - Complimentary Excursion

    Explore downtown Astoria on your own aboard this convenient shuttle which makes several stops on a continuous loop throughout the day including:

    - Downtown Astoria - for shopping and exploring

    - Heritage Museum - featuring Clatsop County’s rich and exciting history in permanent and changing exhibit galleries

    - Astoria Column - a tower overlooking the mouth of the Columbia River, from which you can enjoy the majestic views of the countryside from land

    - Flavel House Museum - once the home of Captain George Flavel, this 1885 Queen Anne home features original Eastlake influenced woodwork, period furnishings, and exotic hardwood

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Astoria Walking Exploration

    Your knowledgeable guide will greet you at the dock to begin your exploration along Astoria's Riverwalk. Enjoy views of the majestic Columbia River with cargo ships at anchor and constant river traffic. Continue along the main downtown street and view several excellent examples of early 20th-century commercial architecture, including the towering Astor Hotel and the highly ornate, terra-cotta clad Liberty Theater. Stroll along city sidewalks to the Garden of the Surging Waves, which celebrates the town’s Chinese history. Enjoy the Beaux Arts-style Clatsop County Courthouse and the former Clatsop County Jail, which is now the Oregon Film Museum. The jail, used from 1914 to 1976 is not only noted for being the longest used, freestanding jail in Oregon, but also seen in the many movies filmed here, most famously, The Goonies. Your excursion will end at the well-known Flavel House. Completed in 1886, it is considered one of the finest examples of Queen Anne Stick style architecture in the Pacific Northwest.

    Activity Level: Moderate | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
  • Day 4 Kalama, WA
    Day 4 – Kalama, WA

    From our newly established dock in Kalama, Washington, set off on a breathtaking drive through the Cascade Mountains to marvel at the awe-inspiring remnants of Mount St. Helens. With a local guide bringing the journey to life, you’ll hear thrilling tales of the volcano’s explosive 1980 eruption and its dramatic impact on the landscape and community. Just steps from the ship, explore a sprawling city park, admire stunning local artwork displayed in a nearby hotel, and learn more about region’s captivating history at an interactive interpretive center. Enjoy Washington in a glass with a short trip to a charming family-owned vineyard for an afternoon of exquisite wine tasting.
    Mount St. Helens Experience - Complimentary

    May 18, 1980 is a day etched into the history of the United States, as the powerful eruption of Mount St. Helens drastically changed the landscape of what is now referred to as the National Volcanic Monument. On your scenic journey to the Mount St. Helens, learn about the eruption, how it affected the landscape and surrounding communities, and how the environment has responded naturally to the disturbance. Admire spectacular views of the pumice plain and blast site.

    Activity Level: Moderate | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Port of Kalama Interpretive Center- Complimentary Excursion

    Just a short walk from the ship, explore this new facility that celebrates Kalama’s unique place in Pacific Northwest history as a transportation and commercial hub, and is designed to replicate a traditional waterfront warehouse of the 1800s. Exhibits track Kalama’s first inhabitants, the Cowlitz Tribe, and the settlers that followed over the next hundred years, including renowned Oregon Trail writer Ezra Meeker. Displays illustrate how Kalama’s particular landscape gave birth to a booming transportation system, impacting the area both culturally and economically.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
  • Day 5 Cruising the Columbia River Gorge
    Day 5 – Cruising the Columbia River Gorge

    From the secluded vantage of your private balcony, witness the awe-inspiring scenery of the Columbia River Gorge. The gorge is renowned for its towering cliffs, which are cloaked in evergreen forests and rise steeply from the river’s edge to heights of up to 4,000 feet. Below, the Columbia River stretches wide and gleaming, a key waterway that winds through the Pacific Northwest. Observe the thrill of windsurfers and kiteboarders as they skillfully navigate the river’s strong winds and currents, their colorful gear painting a striking contrast against the deep greens and blues of the natural landscape.
    A Day of Cruising

    There are a variety of activities scheduled on board when the ship is underway, which vary depending on the itinerary and scheduled date. Enjoy destination-focused enrichment programs with special guest speakers who present topics related to the region and ports of call, including Art Classes, App-titude Classes (Tech Made Easy), Cooking Demonstrations, Mixology (practice of making great cocktails,) Trivia, Game Shows, and more.
  • Day 6 Stevenson, WA
    Day 6 – Stevenson, WA

    Experience the splendor of Multnomah Falls, one of the tallest waterfalls in the United States, as it cascades dramatically 620 feet from its cliff to the river below. Explore the world of sustainable energy at the Bonneville Dam visitor center, where interactive exhibits delve into the complexities of hydroelectric power. Visit the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center Museum to gain insights into the natural and cultural history of the area. Alternatively, explore the quaint village of Stevenson, just a short journey from our dock, where you'll find a delightful blend of small-town atmosphere and distinct Pacific Northwest culture. Or, you may choose to simply relax on deck with a refreshing drink, soaking in the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.
    Multnomah Falls - Complimentary Excursion

    Plummeting 620 feet, Multnomah Falls is the second highest year-round waterfall in the nation. Experience the sights and sounds of this magnificent waterfall, fed by rain, snow-melt, and underground springs on Larch Mountain.

    Admire the falls from the Visitor Center or take a short hike to Benson Bridge, one of the most photographed pieces of architecture in Oregon, to feel its misty spray and get a great photo.

    Multnomah Falls also offers one of the best places in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area to view the basalt rock formations exposed by Ice Age Floods.

    Activity Level: Moderate | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Columbia River Gorge Interpretive Center - Complimentary Excursion

    Enjoy a self-guided tour of the Columbia River Gorge Interpretive Center, which showcases the area's unique history and cultural diversity. From the Native American tribes that inhabited the gorge to the expedition of Lewis and Clark and 19th-century loggers, learn of the bountiful life on the gorge as you explore this amazing museum.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Bonneville Dam

    Throughout your journey on the Columbia River, you will transit 8 locks, lifting the ship more than 700 feet vertically. Building upon the lectures of our onboard experts throughout the week, this excursion provides guests with an in-depth understanding of and appreciation for the engineering that enables the Dam to generate enough hydroelectric power to provide nearly 500,000 homes with electricity.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Guided Gorge Kayak Excursion

    Experience this amazing guided excursion along a local river fed by blue aquifer melt from Mount Adams. Along the way, view eagles, herons, ospreys, ducks, fish, and occasional otters. Paddle up the mellow river, taking a break to swim and take photos. Gently float back down stream trying to spot as many fish as possible, finishing your journey with a scenic look down the Gorge. 

    Activity Level: High | ADA ACCESSIBLE: No
  • Day 7 Richland, WA
    Day 7 – Richland, WA

    Richland sits along the beautiful Columbia River and offers a plethora of activities for visitors. Stroll through Howard Amon Park, where you can enjoy riverside trails, playgrounds, and even kayaking. The Reach Museum intrigues with its hands-on exhibits about the Columbia Basin's history and wildlife, making it a hit for all ages. Wine enthusiasts will delight in the Red Mountain AVA, where you can savor some of the best wines in the country at picturesque vineyards. Don't miss a visit to the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, a National Historic Landmark that offers eye-opening tours about its crucial role in shaping history during World War II and the Cold War.
    The REACH Museum

    Visit the REACH Museum and discover Eastern Washington’s rich landscape and history, from the Ice Age to the Atomic Age. Explore the featured galleries and rotating exhibits inside, as well as the amazing outdoor area with breathtaking views of the majestic Columbia River and surrounding scenery. Discover the geological impact of the Ice Age floods and basalt lava flows to the area. Learn about the Manhattan Project at Hanford and its continuous influence on the region. Continue to the 9-11 Memorial in Kennewick which is home to a 30 foot 6,000 pound steel column recovered from the World Trade Center Twin Towers, a sobering reminder of the tragic events of the day.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Sacajawea Interpretive Center - Complimentary Excursion

    Explore this fascinating destination, located at the very place where Lewis and Clark Expedition camped for two nights, amidst a thriving community of Native Americans. Learn about the activities that took place at the site through interactive exhibits about the Corps of Discovery and Sacagawea, woman known for her helping the Lewis and Clark Expedition Team. Stroll the green, tree-shaded grounds, and read the seven story circle installations by internationally known artist Maya Lin.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
  • Day 8 Cruising the Snake River/Clarkston, WA
    Day 8 – Cruising the Snake River/Clarkston, WA

    As you journey towards Clarkston, relish the opportunity to cruise along the legendary Snake River. Experience the solitude of the remote wilderness and watch as the canyon hillsides unfold in a continuous display of breathtaking scenic panoramas. Keep an eye out for the rich wildlife, as the steep hillsides are home to white pelicans, osprey, bald eagles, cormorants, blue herons, and more.

    Clarkston graces the banks of the Snake River, where it meets the Clearwater River, nestled in a striking valley framed by dramatic hills. Named after William Clark of the famed Lewis and Clark Expedition, Clarkston boasts a rich history that dates back to the late 1890s and has deep roots connected to the Nez Perce, the Native American tribe that originally populated the valley. For an unforgettable experience, take a venture to Hells Canyon, the deepest canyon in North America. Whether by boat or an aerial flightseeing tour, explore this vast, untamed wilderness, surrounded by towering mountain peaks and expansive stretches of untouched land.
    Cruising the Snake River

    What you won’t see are snakes, as the river doesn’t actually have snakes in it, but rather an abundance of salmon.  While some believe the river was called the Snake is because its shape has many twists and winds, it is actually believed to have received its name from a Native American hand symbol.
    Hells Canyon Flightseeing Adventure (Brand New)

    Enjoy our Hells Canyon Flightseeing Adventure over, through, and around the Nez Perce's "land of the winding rivers." On this unforgettable narrated experience, soar over scenic rolling hills, crystal clear rivers, and abounding timbered wilderness as you learn about the region’s spectacular ecology, geology, and history.

    This is a Signature shore excursion and should be reserved in advance. Please call (800) 894-8570 for information.,%20wa/220421-flightseeing-excursion.jpg?ext=.jpg
    Hells Canyon Boat Adventure

    Explore the deepest canyon in North America and admire breathtaking scenery, including bighorn sheep, ancient rock formations, and Native American pictographs. Along the way, be treated to refreshments at a private ranch within the canyon. 

    Activity Level: Moderate | ADA ACCESSIBLE: No,%20wa/220411-jet-boat-adventure.jpg?ext=.jpg
  • Day 9 National Parks Adventure Begins
    Day 9 – National Parks Adventure Begins

    After breakfast and leaving the ship, travel north to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to experience a cruise on Lake Coeur d’Alene, known for its crystal waters and surrounding forests. During the cruise, enjoy a lunch while admiring views of towering pine trees and the soft outlines of distant mountains reflected in the lake’s surface. Complete your day by traveling to Kalispell, where you’ll stay overnight, preparing for the next leg of your journey through this picturesque region.
  • Day 10 Glacier National Park
    Day 10 – Glacier National Park

    Glacier National Park, often referred to as the "Crown of the Continent," spans over a million acres in Montana and boasts a stunning array of biodiversity and geological formations. Established in 1910, this park is home to over 130 named lakes, more than 1,000 different plant species, and hundreds of animal species. The park's dramatic landscapes are carved by ancient glaciers, with sharp peaks and deep valleys that continue to evolve today. Trek the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road, a marvel of engineering completed in 1932, which offers breathtaking views and access to remote areas across the Continental Divide. The park also holds historical significance for its longstanding ties to the Blackfeet, Salish, and Kootenai tribes, who have revered this land for thousands of years, making it a place rich in both natural beauty and cultural heritage.

    Going-To-The-Sun Road

    Enjoy this full day adventure with transportation and narration by Glacier Institute, the educational partner of the park. Spanning 50 miles and crossing the Continental Divide, the main road through Glacier National Park is one of the top scenic drives in the United States.

    Stop at points of interest and designated viewpoints to admire impressive glaciers, beautiful valleys, cascading waterfalls, towering mountains and colorful wildflowers. Along the way, enjoy lunch in Rising Sun, Montana, an eatery within the park.  

    Conclude your day with a delicious dinner at Russell’s Fireside Dining Room in the Lake McDonald Lodge.
  • Day 11 Travel Toward Yellowstone National Park
    Day 11 – Travel Toward Yellowstone National Park

    Set off on an exhilarating journey through Montana as you make your way toward the iconic Yellowstone National Park. Along this vibrant route, your Adventure Guide will captivate you with lively stories and interactive activities about the national parks.

    Your trip includes a delightful lunch stop in Butte, MT, a town shrouded in mining lore, followed by a restful pause in the charming town of Ennis, MT. This small community is a picturesque gem, nestled against a backdrop of rolling green mountains and clear blue skies, famous for its excellent fly fishing.

    The drive itself is a visual feast, transitioning from the deep greens of dense forests and the jagged gray peaks of towering mountains to the expansive golden plains dotted with amber grain fields and the rich browns of freshly tilled earth. As you travel, your Adventure Guides will keep the excitement alive, enriching your understanding of each landscape with engaging narratives and hands-on activities.
    A Scenic Drive through Montana

    Delight in a stunning drive through the beautiful landscapes of Montana. Travel from a land of high mountains, deep valleys, and green forests to the plains, a vast horizontal sweep of yellow rangeland, golden grain fields, and brown harrowed strips. Along the way, your Adventure Guides will provide narration and fun National Park activies.
  • Day 12 Explore Yellowstone National Park
    Day 12 – Explore Yellowstone National Park

    After breakfast at your hotel, prepare for a full day of exploring Yellowstone National Park. Celebrated as the world's inaugural national park and famous for its extraordinary geothermal phenomena and geological wonders, Yellowstone spans an expansive area of nearly 3,500 square miles. This park boasts a terrain larger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined. It is home to over 290 cascading waterfalls, with the mighty Upper Falls of the Yellowstone River standing out prominently.

    Under the guidance of experienced nature guides, you will traverse the upper segments of Yellowstone’s Grand Loop, featuring a visit to the wildlife-rich Lamar Valley. Your journey continues with stops at the mesmerizing Norris Geyser Basin, the dynamic terraces of Mammoth Hot Springs, and the dramatic vistas at Tower Fall.

    The day culminates with a specially arranged dinner at the historic Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel, offering a perfect blend of culinary delights in a setting that echoes the natural beauty surrounding it.
    Mammoth Hot Springs

    Terrace Mountain at Mammoth Hot Springs is the largest known carbonate-depositing spring in the world. From an easily walkable boardwalk trail, view this large complex of approximately 50 hot springs on a hill of travertine. Colors range from a pristine white to pink to dark red.
    Norris Geyser Basin

    Explore Yellowstone National Park’s hottest and most changeable thermal area, making it one of the most extreme environments on the face of the Earth. Thanks to a combination of minerals and life forms, the colors are impressive too, ranging from milky blue to reddish orange. The views of this geological phenomena demonstrate the power of the Yellowstone Caldera and provide endless photo opportunities.
    Tower Fall

    The drive to this amazing fall offers the opportunity to catch a glimpse of park wildlife, including as buffalo, elk, and black bear. Upon arrival, admire its magnificence and feel the misty spray as the fall plunges 132 feet to the rocks below.
  • Day 13 Experience Yellowstone National Park
    Day 13 – Experience Yellowstone National Park

    Continue your explorations in Yellowstone by venturing into the lower section of the Grand Loop. Take in the roaring beauty of the Yellowstone Falls and the serene West Thumb area. Venture to the unique Yellowstone Lake, one of the largest high-elevation lakes in North America.

    Your journey will lead you through ancient geological formations, including vast sections of the Yellowstone Caldera formed over 640,000 years ago and the younger West Thumb Caldera that last erupted 174,000 years ago.

    Throughout the day, witness the breathtaking diversity of the landscape—from soaring mountains to deep canyons—and the wildlife that thrives in this protected ecosystem. Stop for a relaxing lunch at the Grant Village Dining Room.

    Conclude your day with an evening of local entertainment. Choose between a lively performance at the Yellowstone Playhouse, known for its engaging theatrical productions, or a rustic experience at Meadow Vue Ranch with cowboy-themed activities and storytelling under the stars.
    Falls of Yellowstone

    The awesome sight of this 109-foot cascade of surging water demonstrates its power and how the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone was created. The Upper Falls has stood the test of time as it flows over rocks, which are remnants of a lava flow and are resistant to erosion.
    West Thumb Geyser Basin

    Discover the largest geyser area on the shores of Yellowstone Lake. Here, you can view Potts Basin, a very dynamic area, with dozens of geysers of all sizes. Abyss Pool is a hot spring in the basin, known for its impressive deepness and Fishing Cone a geyser that was named after nineteenth-century visitors would boil their freshly caught fish right in its center, a practice that is no longer allowed.
  • Day 14 Explore Yellowstone and Travel to Grand Teton National Park
    Day 14 – Explore Yellowstone and Travel to Grand Teton National Park

    Today, Yellowstone National Park offers a showcase of its famous hydrothermal wonders. You'll visit iconic sites such as Old Faithful, known for its predictable eruptions of boiling water and steam, and Biscuit Basin, a dazzling array of colorful hot springs and geysers.

    After exploring these geothermal marvels, set off toward Grand Teton National Park. As you travel, enjoy the breathtaking scenery that unfolds along the route. The journey itself is a visual feast, featuring panoramic views of rugged mountains and pristine landscapes.

    Upon arrival at Grand Teton, make a stop at Jackson Lake Lodge. Here, take in the majestic views of the Teton Range reflected in the tranquil waters of Jackson Lake—a perfect backdrop for a memorable visit to this stunning park.
    Old Faithful

    Sixty-percent of the world’s geysers are found in Yellowstone National Park, but none more famous than Old Faithful. With soaring bursts that erupt about every 90 minutes, it is one of the parks most predictable geysers. In 1870, members of an expedition team led by General Washburn were so amazed by its predictability they named it Old Faithful.
    Jackson Lake Lodge

    Come relax in this comfortable lodge boasting incredible views. Here, the 60-foot floor to ceiling windows frame pristine Jackson Lake and the majestic Teton Range with breathtaking vistas as far as the eye can see. The view alone is worth the visit.
  • Day 15 Grand Teton National Park
    Day 15 – Grand Teton National Park

    Begin your day with a refreshing cruise on Jackson Lake, take in stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Follow this with a guided exploration of Grand Teton National Park with your adventure guides. This sprawling park spans over 310,000 acres and features verdant valleys, vibrant mountain meadows, shimmering alpine lakes, and impressive peaks. Its rich history includes its past inhabitants: nomadic Native American tribes, early American explorers, and settlers.

    Continue your exploration by visiting key cultural and informational landmarks within the park. Explore the Craig Thomas Discovery Center for an interactive learning experience about the park's environment. At the Jenny Lake Visitor Center, learn about the local wildlife and enjoy the serene lake set against the backdrop of the Tetons. Make sure to experience the panoramic views from Jackson Lake Lodge.

    Wrap up your day at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole, which houses a vast collection of art focused on the wildlife of North America.

    Celebrate your journey in the evening with a farewell dinner alongside your fellow travelers, sharing stories and highlights from your unforgettable adventure through these majestic landscapes.
    National Museum of Wildlife Art

    Built on the hillside overlooking the National Elk Refuge, the museum holdings a collection of over 5,000 artworks representing wild animals from around the world. Featuring work by prominent artists such as Georgia O’Keeffe, Andy Warhol, and John James Audubon, the museum’s unsurpassed permanent collection chronicles much of the history of wildlife in art from 2500 B.C.E. to the present.
    Jackson Lake Lodge

    Come relax in this comfortable lodge boasting incredible views. Here, the 60-foot floor to ceiling windows frame pristine Jackson Lake and the majestic Teton Range with breathtaking vistas as far as the eye can see. The view alone is worth the visit.
  • Day 16 – Board American Serenade in New Orleans, LA
  • Day 17 Vacherie Landing, LA
    Day 17 – Vacherie Landing, LA

    Houmas House Estate stands as a beacon of southern elegance amid the Louisiana countryside, its historical roots intertwined with sugar cane cultivation. Encircled by ancient oaks and meticulously tended gardens, the mansion showcases classic architecture, featuring grand staircases and opulent rooms that hint at what life was like for the Southern elite. Often referred to as "The Sugar Palace," this estate displays a lavish array of blooms and greenery, creating an inviting atmosphere for visitors to explore its beauty.
    Cajun Pride Swamp Excursion

    Enjoy a narrated boat ride in the Manchac Swamp, a privately owned wildlife refuge. Relax in a comfortable, covered boat, with walking room and open viewing from any seat. Swamp creatures are unafraid and responsive to our captain’s voice. In the safety and comfort of the boat, you will be able to get within a few feet of our “jumping gators.” Other animals to be on the lookout for include nutria, ibis, turtles, herons, raccoons, egrets, and more.

    Activity Level: Moderate | ADA ACCESSIBLE: No
    Houmas House & Gardens

    Admire the southern splendor of “The Sugar Palace,” as you step into 16 rooms filled with rare period antiques and Louisiana artwork. Explore the mansion, which has been restored to the antebellum era, reflecting the opulence and wealth that this sugarcane farm boasted during the 1800s. Learn about plantation life and the 250-year history of the manor, including its architectural evolution to becoming a grand estate. 

    Activity Level: Moderate | ADA ACCESSIBLE: No
    Cajun Culinary Lagniappe Experience

    Come “veiller” (shoot the breeze) with Boudreaux and Thibodeaux as you stir up your very own “ti” (junior) pot of jambalaya in the old Robert Barn by the Cajun Cottages.  Be entertained with Cajun folktales while getting step-by-step coaching from a local Cajun jambalaya cook. After dining, enjoy shopping in the Cajun Village, a unique location with specialty crafts and Louisiana items. In case you have the “envie” (craving) for a cup of café au lait and beignets, you can swing by the Coffee House for complimentary beignets.  

    Activity Level: Moderate / ADA Accessible: Partial
    Laura Plantation

    Step beyond the myths of the American South to experience true-life, first-hand compelling accounts of four generations of Créole women, children, and slaves. Experienced guides transport you into the complex, vanishing world of Créole Louisiana at Laura Plantation, a 200+ year-old sugar habitation. A new, permanent exhibit honors the men, women, and children who were enslaved here, including detailed biographies of former slaves who fought for the freedom in the Union Army during the Civil War.

    Activity Level: Moderate / ADA Accessible: No
  • Day 18 Baton Rouge, LA
    Day 18 – Baton Rouge, LA

    Originally named for a 'red stick' marker used by Native Americans, this city now serves as the historic capital of Louisiana. Baton Rouge reverberates with the stories of its most notable figures, particularly the bold Governor and Senator Huey P. Long. His political and architectural legacies are enshrined at the Old State Capitol Museum, housed in a majestic Gothic-style castle from 1852, and the towering 34-story State Capitol, a masterpiece of Depression-era art deco architecture made from Louisiana limestone and adorned with marble.

    Take a walk through the heart of Baton Rouge's downtown, where contemporary art installations stand in contrast to classical revival and modernist facades. For an immersive natural encounter, step aboard a boat for a guided excursion through the dense, waterlogged ecosystems of the nearby swamps, home to alligators and cypress trees draped in Spanish moss.
    A Walk Through The Capital City

    Experience the sights, sounds, and wonders of Baton Rouge, the Capital City of Louisiana. Led by a local expert guide, admire iconic and historical landmarks while exploring many of the well-known downtown neighborhoods on foot. Enjoy fascinating stories of the area’s culture, politics, history, and legends while embracing the rich art, architecture, and nature on the route. Walk past the levee, USS KIDD, Louisiana Art and Science Museum, the Capitol Building, and through Spanish Town.

    Activity Level: High | ADA ACCESSIBLE: No
    Louisiana Art & Science Museum - Complimentary Excursion

    Housed in a historic railroad depot on the banks of the Mississippi River, the Louisiana Art & Science Museum (LASM) offers educational entertainment for visitors of all ages. The art galleries showcase changing fine art exhibitions and selections from a permanent collection. The Ancient Egypt Gallery houses ancient artifacts and a Ptolemaic-era mummy that rests in a re-created rock-cut tomb. The Irene W. Pennington Planetarium features sky shows, large-format films, visual music shows, and galleries devoted to space science.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Baton Rouge City Experience with Rural Life Museum - Complimentary Excursion

    Being your excursion with a narrated city exploration with views of the impressive Governor's Hall and the New State Capitol. Admire the Old Louisiana State Capitol also known as the State House. Enjoy views of Magnolia Mound, a French Creole plantation house built in 1791 and a rare example of the architecture influenced by early settlers from France and the West Indies.

    Next you will be driven to the LSU Rural Life Museum; a museum dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of materials from the cultures of 18th and 19th-century rural Louisianans. The museum highlights how the rest of the south lived in comparison to the mansions and plantations visited throughout this itinerary. Experience life in a rural setting in the early lives of Louisiana during the 18th and 19th centuries. You will leave the facility with a better understanding of the differences in the material, social, and economic cultures during this time period, and of today's lifestyles. 

    Activity Level: Moderate | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Partial
    Baton Rouge Harbor Experience

    Experience the mighty Mississippi River from the unique perspective of your personal boat captain who has spent a lifetime on the river – a modern-day Mark Twain! Witness the bustling activity around Baton Rouge and hear countless stories and amazing facts about the Mississippi River’s round-the-clock towing industry. Marvel at the sheer size of the panamax vessels operating in this part of the river and pass the nearby the Exxon facility where you are likely to see the ships loading petroleum for shipment overseas. Learn how the river barges are lashed together with ratchet straps and thick cables and how the experienced river tug captains safely navigate the river with numerous barges in tow. See the Dreyfuss grain elevators working in tandem with the barges being loaded and unloaded, fueling the country’s Midwest commerce. Pause underneath the towering I 10 Bridge en route to Mulatto Bend and hear how the original community was washed away by the river, where the renowned Southern University now stands.

    Activity Level: Moderate / ADA Accessible: Partial
    Battle of Baton Rouge

    Led by an expert historian, explore locations that were critical to the Battle of Baton Rouge and hear about the history surrounding Vicksburg in the Civil War. Visit the historic Magnolia Cemetery and stand upon the very ground where the most intense fighting of the battle took place. Baton Rouge was the most fought over land in Louisiana’s history and this experience will cover not only the Civil War, but the American Revolution and the Florida Rebellion. Although the landscape of Baton Rouge isn’t the same as it was in the 1780s or 1810s, its history will be brought to life by your guide. Visit the Magnolia Mound Plantation, a Baton Rouge city park. Magnolia Mound, unlike other antebellum house museums along the Lower Mississippi, is not your grand mansion. Rather, it’s a simple structure built during Louisiana’s colonial history, and around the time of its Statehood into the Union. 

    Activity Level: Moderate / ADA Accessible: Yes
  • Day 19 St. Francisville, LA
    Day 19 – St. Francisville, LA

    St. Francisville, Louisiana  offers a glimpse into the quaint charm of small-town America wrapped in Southern Gothic intrigue. This historic town is celebrated for its beautifully preserved historic homes like the Myrtles, reputed to be one of America's most haunted houses, and the graceful Rosedown, standing out amidst 28 acres of gardens. 

    Visit the enchanting Historic District, where opulent mansions and eclectic boutiques wait, and take in the captivating contrast of cottonwood trees giving way to regal oaks dripping in Spanish moss.
    Port Hudson Historic Site

    Led by an expert historian in a once in a lifetime opportunity, explore locations that were critical to the Battle of Baton Rouge and hear about the history surrounding Vicksburg in the Civil War. You will learn about the culminating battle and Campaign to open the Mississippi River. Visit Fort Desperate, the only location on the battlefield assaulted twice, see an interpretive demonstration, have the opportunity to hold bullets and artillery shells fired during the battles, and have a private guided exploration of the museum

    Activity Level: Moderate | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Audubon Historic Site

    Enjoy a hands-on experience in the gallery and at several outbuildings, including a home exploration, a cooking demonstration with samples, a blacksmith demonstration, a short exploration of the grounds, and a museum visit. 

    Explore the unique home where Audubon resided. Audubon Historic Site is located on Oakley Plantation where John James Audubon lived and worked 1821, completing or beginning 32 of his bird paintings while in residence. During this time, he was commissioned to teach illustration to the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Pirrie, owners of Oakley. Although his engagement was brief and there is no record of his success in teaching Miss Pirrie, Audubon worked on several of his paintings while in the lush, natural, and peaceful setting of Oakley, filling his sketch pad with notes and drawings for his famous series of bird illustrations.

    Activity Level: Moderate | ADA Accessibility: No
    Rosedown & Catalpa Legacy Experience

    Explore and learn about the legacy and lineage of the Turnbull family at Rosedown and Catalpa. On the National Listing of Historic Landmarks, Rosedown is located in one of the most historic corridors of South Louisiana. The presence of the Mississippi River along its shores created rich soil overtime which proved extremely valuable during the cotton boom. As you stroll through this grand estate, local guides will regale you with stories of the families who lived there and plantation life in the 1800s. Enjoy exploring one of the few and largest privately maintained formal gardens of the 19th century.  

    Visit Catalpa and hear from Mary, a descendant of the original owners. She will host you in her gracious home filled with the treasures of five generations and recount stories of the family and growing up in this beautiful place. Fine portraits, exceptional antiques and beautiful old china, porcelain and silver are original to either Catalpa or Rosedown, home of the owner's grandmother. Conclude your exploration with a special beverage that has been served for years at Catalpa. 

    Activity Level: Moderate | ADA ACCESSIBLE: No
    The Myrtles - Complimentary Excursion

    At first glimpse Myrtles, built in 1796, envelopes one with a complete sense of peace and tranquility. However, it is reputed to be one of the most haunted homes in America. Surrounded by centuries-old live oak trees, the mansion features a 125-foot verandah, exquisite ornamental ironwork, hand-painted stained glass, open-pierced frieze work crown molding, Aubusson tapestry, Baccarat crystal chandelier, Carrara marble mantels, gold-leafed French furnishings and ghosts.

    Activity Level: Moderate | ADA Accessibility: Yes
  • Day 20 Natchez, MS
    Day 20 – Natchez, MS

    In the heart of Natchez, where the mighty river bends and twists, stand grand homes that gleam with the opulence of ages past. From the moment the French built a fort here in 1716, amidst the communities of the Natchez Indians, this town began to grow into a wealthy river town.

    Behold, the legacy of the 1800s planters, who sculpted their dreams into reality with mansions. Unscathed by Civil War strife, Natchez stands as a unique sanctuary. In the labyrinthine streets, where time itself seems to slow, encounter the fabled Under-The-Hill Saloon, a relic of days long gone but never forgotten.
    Tombs & Tales

    Explore the Historic Natchez Cemetery. Established in 1822, the occupants of this important cemetery tell tales of the history, grandeur, mystery, and tragedy of Natchez. Surrounded by majestic live oaks and set on the bluffs high above the Mississippi River, the beautiful grounds offer stunning panoramic views. Enjoy a guided walking excursion through the oldest section of the cemetery and hear fascinating stories about the residents buried there.

    Activity Level: Moderate | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Partial
    Cotton & Music, Then & Now

    Nineteen historical buildings, dating from 1790’s to 1900, are a restored tribute to Frogmore Cotton Plantation & Gins, a modern 1,800-acre working cotton estate with a computerized farm and gin. Before beginning your exploration, meet the owner who will explain the farming and ginning operations. Participate in picking cotton and removing the seeds and tour a rare, steam engine gin listed on the National Register of Historic Properties.

    Be seated in the hand-hewn log cabin and listen to narration and the vocalist’s songs highlighting the history of southern plantations, including the Constitution, Emancipation Proclamation, and accurate statistics of the enslaved and planter families. After an enlightening overview of the historical Frogmore owners, explore the cotton fields and authentic cabins to learn the origin of southern cuisine, the day-to-day operations and how their labor force evolved into sharecropping, a way of life for 100 years. Enjoy a complimentary beverage as you browse an original plantation store.

    Activity Level: Moderate | ADA Accessibility: Partial
    Great River Outdoor Adventure

    Experience a once-in-a-lifetime outdoor adventure at the Double C Ranch, perfect for nature-lovers and wildlife-enthusiasts. Aboard your private sport utility vehicle, guided by a local professional, enjoy breathtaking views as you travel through scenic hardwood forest, cattle fields, farmlands, and pine plantations. Back at the ranch, watch in awe during live tomahawk throwing, bullwhip popping, archery, and lasso throwing demonstrations. After, get some pointers on form and technique and prepare to shine and surprise yourself as you give it a try! Take home a survivor certificate and photos to share.

    Activity Level: Moderate | ADA Accessibility: No

    This is a Signature shore excursion and should be reserved in advance. Please call (800) 894-8570 for information.

    Historic Longwood Exploration

    Longwood, the only octagonal mansion in the region, epitomizes the rise and fall of the South. As the Civil War began, the workmen stopped construction and the house was never completed. View the finished lower level still adorned with original family furnishing and the upper stories and rotunda that are still a work in progress. This truly is a place where time has stood still, preserved for all to experience.

    Activity Level: Moderate | ADA Accessibility: Partial
    Historic Path to Freedom Experience

    Take a cultural, moving journey through the history of Natchez that goes beyond grand estates and mansions and tells the stories of African Americans, from slavery and the Civil Rights Movement to the present day.

    Along this Historic Path to Freedom, you will visit Dunleith Mansion to learn about John Roy Lynch, a child servant who became the first African American to become a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Your exploration will continue through Natchez, where you will see and learn about places such as "Forks in the Road" and the Rhythm Nightclub Fire site.

    Travel to the Zion Station Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church for a brief introduction by the Pastor and a spiritual musical experience by Natchez noted gospel performers. Learn about The Parchman Ordeal and how it forged the way for economic progress for the African American citizens of Natchez. This well-told, enlightening experience will conclude with a visit to the Natchez Museum of African American Culture, where the exhibits will underscore the importance of the stops made along this exclusive American Cruise Lines experience.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA Accessibility: Yes
    Legends & Libations

    Join a local guide for a unique and unforgettable experience, combining the history and culture of Natchez, with the opportunity to taste some of the most iconic cocktails of the region.  On a guided exploration, admire the architecture and design of two historic mansions.  Make a stop at Historic Dunleith, where you will be welcomed with the refreshing taste of hibiscus mimosas, a classic cocktail made with freshly squeezed orange juice, champagne, and a house-made hibiscus syrup. While sipping, learn about Natchez history and admire the beauty of this mansion built in 1856, as well as the stunning grounds.
    Continue on to Historic Linden, an early suburban villa, where you will have the chance to try a classic southern cocktail, milk punch. Dating back to the 18th century, this libation is made with brandy, milk, sugar, and nutmeg. Delight in the rich and smooth taste, while learning about the legends of Linden, built in 1790.
    Activity Level: Low | ADA: Partial
    Natchez Local Loop- Complimentary Excursion

    Board this convenient shuttle, making stops at:

    • Fort Rosalie & Trading Post - Fort Rosalie was built by the French in 1716 within the territory of the Natchez Native Indians and it was part of the French colonial empire, becoming the first settlement in present day Natchez, Mississippi. Walk the hallowed grounds of the long-gone fort and enjoy perusing the gift items of the modern trading post. 
    • Historic Natchez in Photos - Visit the Stratton Chapel Gallery in down¬town Natchez behind First Presbyterian Church. View an outstanding collection of photographs taken from as early as 1860, including family portraits, steamboats, and street scenes.
    • Main Street & Franklin Street - Explore the few one-of-a-kind antique shops or just walk among the many beautifully restored historic buildings of this lovely town.
    • Historic Natchez Bluffs & Gazebo - Sitting 200 feet above the banks of the Mississippi River, the Gazebo offers the best vantage point from which to take in the river’s natural splendor.
    • Rosalie House - Visit Rosalie, an antebellum mansion in downtown Natchez. Excursions begin at the top of every hour. Make sure to wear your lanyard for complimentary entry.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Natchez Landmark Exploration - Complimentary Excursion

    Experience a multitude of National treasures, historic sites, and local points of interest from the comfort of your motorcoach. Natchez boasts more National Landmarks than any other town in Mississippi. Begin your exploration at the mighty Natchez Bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River. Your local guide will entertain you with local lore and legends, in addition to historical facts. View historic architectural gems, African American sites, local favorites, and a few quirky place. Complete your experience with a complimentary guided exploration of Historic Rosalie Mansion, so exquisite, she’s known as "Our Lady on The Bluff."

    Activity Level: Low | ADA Accessibility: No
  • Day 21 Vicksburg, MS
    Day 21 – Vicksburg, MS

    In the heart of Mississippi lies Vicksburg, a crucible of fate during the Civil War. Dubbed "The Gibraltar of the West," its strategic importance was clear to President Lincoln. The National Military Park tells the tale of valor and sacrifice that shaped nations. Along the floodwall, murals recount Vicksburg's legends, each stroke a brushstroke upon memory's canvas. Here, amidst the movement of the river, Vicksburg's spirit beckons as a beacon of remembrance. In the shadow of Vicksburg's towering history, visitors can feel the weight of the past, a testament to the enduring legacy of a nation forged in the fires of conflict.
    Vicksburg National Military Park- Complimentary Excursion

    A knowledgeable guide will lead you through the National Military Park which commemorates the campaign, siege, and defense of Vicksburg in 1863. Stop at the impressive Illinois Monument, modeled after the Roman Pantheon. The exploration concludes at the Visitors Center where life-sized exhibits and artifacts from the Siege of Vicksburg are on display.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Partial
    Antebellum Vicksburg Experience

    Come along and feel what life was like in the 19th century on this excursion into Vicksburg’s oldest historic neighborhood. Visit Christ Episcopal Church (circa 1839) and view its beautiful Tiffany windows amidst its Gothic revival architecture. The Rector will recreate the stories and history of this church including how the surrounding cannonball fire rang out all around during the siege of Vicksburg.

    The second stop is a short walk alongside the neighborhood’s brick streets to Duff Green Mansion (circa 1856). The owner, Harley Caldwell, invites you into her home as a guest of honor. Imagine that you are part of a dinner party hosted by Duff Green and his wife, Mary, back in the 1800’s as you listen to Harley discuss the history of the house and what was happening in Vicksburg at that time. This is the one mansion where the ropes are gone, and you can sit on the furniture and make yourself at home.  Experience Vicksburg’s good old fashioned Southern hospitality out of Harley’s silver punchbowl.

    A short motor coach ride will take you to the last stop of this excursion, Tully’s Cave. The residents of Vicksburg moved into caves for 47 days as the city was bombarded with cannonball fire throughout all hours of the day. Walk through a cave and learn why most of the residents survived the attack.

    Activity Level: Moderate | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Partial
    Mississippi-Made Charcuterie Experience at Oak Hall

    Led by a guide, visit Oak Hall, a gorgeous 1910 Mission Revival style mansion that boasts 32 Louis Millet stained glass windows. Gather around the table to learn how to build an aesthetically pleasing presentation of a selection of a variety of Mississippi made or harvested meats, cheeses, spreads, seasonal fruits, nuts, and other accompaniments. Taste seasonal, local products and experience hospitality at its finest. Wow your guests at your next gathering by learning some advanced charcuterie techniques. Top off your experience with cocktails and mocktails made with local products and receive recipes and a souvenir mini board to take home.  

    Activity Level: Low / ADA Accessible: No
    Historic Vicksburg Comes to Life

    Bringing to life the history of this river city from before 1820 to present day, you will explore early Vicksburg in one of the most historical areas of our city. As you leisurely walk the brick streets your guide will draw your attention to antebellum homes with varying architecture, museums with rich history, native flora, and history of past citizens. You will make a stop to enjoy a tasty root beer float at the Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum, where Coca-Cola was first bottled and spend a little time in the Old Cout House Museum. The exploration wouldn't be complete without a final stop at Anchuca, an incredible 1830's antebellum mansion turned bread and breakfast. This is a great opportunity to take in some fresh air and exercise as well. 

    Activity Level: High | ADA ACCESSIBLE: No
    Vicksburg Local Loop - Complimentary Excursion

     Board this convenient shuttle making stops at:

    • Jackson Street Gallery - Turn ordinary into extraordinary! Visit Jackson Street Gallery at Mulberry in the newly renovated and restored Mulberry Hotel and Loft Apartments. Over 200 original paintings by Mississippi artists await you in a splendid setting with on-site bar. 
    • Local Shops – Stroll through downtown Vicksburg and browse a few local shops.
    • Old Courthouse Museum – Built in 1858, this museum is a national historic landmark showcasing Vicksburg’s cultural heritage over the past 71 years. The museum’s collection includes the original Teddy Bear given to a local child by Theodore Roosevelt, a sash worn by both George Washington and Jefferson Davis during their presidential inaugurations, a vast collection of Civil War artifacts, Native American and pioneer implements, and much more.  
    • Biedenharn Coca–Cola Museum – This unique museum celebrates the history of one of the nation's most beloved beverages. Built in 1890, the building is the location where Coca-Cola was bottled for the first time in 1894 and features the type of equipment that Joseph Biedenharn used at the time. View Coca-Cola memorabilia, peruse the gift shop, and treat yourself to an ice-cold Coke float.  
    • Vicksburg Civil War Museum – Visit the Vicksburg Civil Museum and see an impressive collection of weapons, ammunition, uniforms, and other Civil War materials. 
    • Lower Mississippi River Museum – Experience life on the Mississippi River. Through both interactive and static displays, discover how different communities, farming families, and the US Army Corps of Engineers have all utilized the river in the past and learn about the future for the Mississippi River Valley. Examine the science behind water movement and view some of the river's fish up close in the museum’s 1,515-gallon aquarium.
    • Catfish Row Museum – Learn diverse aspects about Vicksburg – from its music, history, and storytelling to its vibrant food heritage.
    • Old Depot Museum – The museum exhibits examine earlier modes of transportation, the Siege of Vicksburg, and many other elements of the city’s history. Inside the museum, you will find railroad memorabilia, a collection of model Civil War gunboats, original war-themed paintings by Herb Mott, a detailed diorama of the Siege of Vicksburg, and models of architecture styles employed throughout Vicksburg’s past.  

    Activity Level: Low | ADA Accessibility: Yes
  • Day 22 Greenville, MS
    Day 22 – Greenville, MS

    Dubbed the Heart and Soul of the Mississippi Delta, Greenville offers a glimpse into traditional southern living. Explore historic landmarks such as Cotton Row, Mount Holly Plantation, and the Weatherbee House. Experience the essence of the state’s  largest city as you journey through its storied past. As the sun sets over Lake Ferguson, feel Greenville's timeless allure envelop you, inviting you to become part of its ever-unfolding story.
    B.B. King Museum & Delta Interpretive Center - Complimentary Excursion

    The B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center is located in the heart of the Mississippi Delta between Greenwood and Greenville. Opened in mid-September 2008 and built to honor the life and music of one of the most accomplished musicians of our time, the museum serves as a vital resource to the State of Mississippi and the City of Indianola. The museum’s exhibits and educational programs were designed to preserve the rich cultural and musical heritage of the Mississippi Delta.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA Accessibility: Yes
    Greenville Experience - Complimentary Excursion

    Explore three museums in the city of Greenville at your leisure. The Greenville History museum is housed in the restored Miller Building and provides a glimpse into local history from the late 1800’s to the 1970’s. The 1927 Flood Museum commemorates one of the country’s worst natural disasters in history, the break in the levee, which is reported to have put flood waters over the rooftops of houses 75 miles away. At the Jewish Temple Museum, learn how this religion began to flourish within the region.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA Accessibility: Yes
  • Day 23 Tunica, MS
    Day 23 – Tunica, MS

    In the embrace of the Delta , Tunica, reveals itself as a living testament to history and charm. Its Main Street, frozen in time, boasts buildings that have been engrained in the landscape since the turn of the century, each a stalwart witness to bygone days. Stroll through unique boutiques and antique shops, keeping the past alive. Be captivated by the fully restored courthouse, a symbol of justice, and pay homage at the Tunica Veterans Memorial in Rivergate Park, honoring the valor of generations. Tunica extends a warm welcome to you to experience southern hospitality, a timeless port town awaiting exploration.
    Gateway to the Blues Museum

    Before you trek through blues country, get in a blues state-of-mind at the Gateway to the Blues Museum, set in a rustic train depot, circa 1895. Here, the story of the blues comes to life in all its tormented and anguished glory. Experience interactive exhibits, view amazing artwork, and more, including a recording studio where you’ll learn the basics of blues music with a chance to record your very own blues song.
    Tunica RiverWalk and Museum

    Walk from the ship to the scenic Tunica RiverPark to enjoy the awe-inspiring beauty of the Mississippi River. The grounds are rich with native wildlife and flora, and the stunning architectural features of the RiverPark Overlook provide breathtaking views of the river. Take a walk on one of the nature trails, including a paved path along the Mississippi River (Promenade Trail), a dirt path/boardwalk (Boardwalk Trail) around a small lake, and a single track path through the forest (Wildlife Trail). Visit the onsite Mississippi River Museum, which features authentic artifacts and exhibits, showcasing the history, nature, and culture of the region.  
  • Day 24 Memphis, TN
    Day 24 – Memphis, TN

    Welcome to Memphis, where history beats to its own drum. Wander through Beale Street, where the strums and songs of legendary musicians still linger. Taste the city’s renowned BBQ, a mouthwatering delight dripping in sweetness. Explore historic sites that commemorate the Civil War and Civil Rights Movement, and indulge in crispy fried catfish, a southern classic that can’t be missed.

    Discover the birthplace of rock 'n' roll at Sun Studio, where Elvis Presley recorded his earliest hits, and feel the rhythm and blues that define the city's soul. Finally, unwind aboard your ship at Beale Street Landing, serenaded by local musicians under the stars as you reflect on the day's adventures. Welcome to Memphis – where every moment is a melody waiting to be heard.
    Sun Studio

    Explore Sun Studio, well-known in the music industry as the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll and the most famous recording studio in the world. Founded by rock pioneer Sam Phillips in 1950, this National Historic Landmark is where superstar musicians like Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, B.B. King, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and countless others started their recording careers.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: No
    The Graceland Experience

    For any fan of Elvis, this is the ultimate way to experience Graceland and to learn about his life and musical career. Visit Graceland Mansion and four new exhibits on the property, including the Elvis Presley Car Museum. Climb aboard one of his custom airplanes, remodeled to suit his lifestyle. Enjoy authentic Memphis cuisine at one of the themed restaurants on the property. Following Graceland, enjoy a brief city motorcoach exploration of Memphis. This excursion is perfect for any rock ‘n’ roll music lover. 

    This is a Signature shore excursion and should be reserved in advance. Please call (800) 894-8570 for information.

    Activity Level: High | ADA Accessible: Partial
    National Civil Rights Museum

    Established in 1991, the National Civil Rights Museum is located at the former Lorraine Motel, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968. The museum’s mission is to share the history of the American Civil Rights Movement, a tumultuous and inspiring period of change. Explore interactive exhibits and historic collections to learn how this significant era continues to shape equality and freedom today.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Memphis Local Loop

    Explore the captivating city of Memphis at your leisure with our convenient shuttle, making stops at:

    • Beale Street – One of the most iconic streets in America, Beale Street is three blocks of nightclubs, restaurants, and shops in the heart of downtown Memphis.
    • Peabody Hotel - This Memphis icon, opened in 1869, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is world-famous for its five resident ducks, who march daily through the lobby.
    • Edge Motor - Discover the stories behind some of the world’s most iconic cars, including how these cars reflect the eras in which they were designed, built, sold, and driven. 
    • Memphis Pyramid - Much more than just a retail space, this 535,000-sq. ft. pyramid offers many unique experiences, including the world’s tallest freestanding elevator, an underwater-themed bowling alley, an aquarium, and a variety of one-of-a kind dining destinations.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA Accessibility: Yes
    Memphis City Exploration - Complimentary Excursion

    Relax and let your motorcoach guide show you the highlights of this fascinating city on the bluff. Memphis is located on the Mississippi River at the northern end of the Mississippi Delta where the Blues were born. Its history is linked to cotton and music. Along your exploration, stop at the Lorraine Motel, the location where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.

    The next photo opportunity will be at the famous Sun Studio, the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll. You will also have the option to walk through the Peabody Hotel and see the famous ducks in the fountain. Enjoy some time at the Memphis Pyramid, housing an impressive Bass Pro Shop, a Lodge, Restaurants and more. During the excursion, you will be driven through the streets of downtown Memphis. You will see Victorian Village, Orpheum Theater, Rock N Soul Museum, St. Jude's Children's Hospital, Cotton Row, Beale Street, Lauderdale Courts, early home of Elvis Presley, Sun Studio, and the Auto Zone Park. Travel by the National Civil Rights Museum and stop to see The Lorraine Motel.  

    Activity Level: Moderate  | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum & Music Hall of Fame

    The Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum was the first exhibition ever to have been developed by the Smithsonian Institution with another museum. The exhibition tells the story of musical pioneers who overcame racial and socio-economic barriers to create music that would influence American culture and the world. Visit the Memphis Music Hall of Fame. Explore the museum and exhibition which introduces guests to some of the greatest musicians of all time, each who contributed the city’s musical legacy. Enjoy never-before-seen memorabilia, rare video performances and interviews, interactive exhibits, and more.

    Activity Level: Moderate | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
  • Day 25 – Cruising the Mississippi River
  • Day 26 Cape Girardeau, MO
    Day 26 – Cape Girardeau, MO

    Cape Girardeau, is truly a hidden gem along the river. Brimming with history, charm, and you can’t forget that unmistakable Midwestern flair. This port has a story to tell, and you can learn all about it as you walk through a series of murals that detail the highs and lows of this small city’s history. Wander through its quaint streets, pop into quirky shops, and walk train tracks that signal Cape Girardeau’s trading influence. At this port, you can get even closer to the waters you’ve been sailing. 

    The Old Bridge Overlook – an iconic spot offers views that will steal your breath away, as the mighty Mississippi  meanders lazily below. Step back in time at the Cape River Heritage Museum, where history comes alive through immersive exhibits and fascinating tales.
    Cape Girardeau Experience - Complimentary Excursion

    Join a local guide on a narrated exploration of Cape Girardeau, a city that began as a small trading post over 200 years ago. Visit Old St. Vincent’s Church and admire its Renaissance architecture, and then Southeast Missouri State University’s Crisp Museum which features fine art exhibitions, Native American artifacts and interpretive regional history displays.

    Activity Level: Moderate | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Partial
    Mural Walk - Complimentary Excursion

    The Mississippi River Tales Mural is the largest and most dramatic of Cape Girardeau's murals and is located on a portion of the floodwall. Covering nearly 18,000 square feet, this 1,100-foot-long mural features 24 historically-themed panels that vividly portray Cape Girardeau's rich history and heritage. Along the way, descriptive markers provide an explanation of each panel.

    Activity Level: High | ADA ACCESSIBLE: No
  • Day 27 Day of River Cruising
    Day 27 – Day of River Cruising

    Today isn't just about reaching our destination; it's about embracing the journey itself, especially as we sail along this renowned waterway.  Take a moment to head up to the sun desk to view the untouched landscapes and charming little towns hidden along the banks. Keep your eyes out for the magnificent wildlife that calls this majestic river home.

    As we cruise along, our onboard expert will treat you to fascinating tales of the native wildlife that inhabit these waters. Today is a day to slow down, to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you, and to let the rhythm of the river soothe your soul.
    A Day of Cruising

    There are a variety of activities scheduled on board when the ship is underway, which vary depending on the itinerary and scheduled date. Enjoy destination-focused enrichment programs with special guest speakers who present topics related to the region and ports of call, including Art Classes, App-titude Classes (Tech Made Easy), Cooking Demonstrations, Mixology (practice of making great cocktails,) Trivia, Game Shows, and more.
  • Day 28 St. Louis, MO
    Day 28 – St. Louis, MO

    As we approach this iconic destination, behold the skyline of St. Louis coming into view against the horizon, a testament to its rich history and energy.

    As we cruise closer, take in the sights of this Midwestern metropolis, from its towering arch that pierces the sky to the charming neighborhoods that keep this city moving. Don’t miss out on the regional culinary delights here: gooey butter cake and toasted ravioli.

    While we glide along the river, listen as our onboard expert shares St. Louis's storied past, from its role in shaping the nation's history to its vibrant cultural scene. Or perhaps, find a spot on the deck to take in the warm sun and marvel at the beauty of the Mississippi rolling by. 
    St. Louis Gateway Arch Experience

    Relive the story of the Native Americans, explorers, pioneers, and rebels who made America possible. Featuring over 200 years of history within six themed exhibit areas, this innovative and interactive museum celebrates America’s pioneering spirit and explains the westward expansion of the U.S., with an emphasis on St. Louis’ role in that era.

    Shaped by the inspired design of Finnish-America architect Eero Saarinen, the Gateway Arch monument celebrates the expansion West and the pioneers who made it possible. Since its completion in 1965, millions of visitors have taken a trip to the top to enjoy stunning views. Begin your adventure with our new, interactive pre-boarding exhibits featuring 60s-era animation and Gateway Arch trivia. Then, be transported 630 feet to the top of America’s tallest man-made monument. Or, if you prefer, enjoy the movie Monument to a Dream.

    Note: Only available on cruises ending in St. Louis/Alton, as well as on the Complete Mississippi River and Grand Heartland cruises.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Missouri History Museum - Complimentary Excursion

    Explore the most popular exhibits at the Missouri History Museum including “The 1904 World’s Fair: Looking Back at Looking Forward” and “Many Memories: 100 Years on the Stage.” Time will also be allowed for the Seeking St. Louis galleries on display. Self-guided exploration will allow you to view the exhibits at your leisure and give you time to shop.

    Note: This excursion is only available on cruises ending in St. Louis/Alton as well as the Complete Mississippi and Grand Heartland.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
  • Day 29 Day of River Cruising
    Day 29 – Day of River Cruising

    As we sail towards the historic city of Hannibal, embrace the beauty of the heartland unfolding before you. Whether you prefer to mingle with fellow guests in one of our lounges, lose yourself in the pages of a captivating book on your private balcony, or join in on one of the many onboard activities, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Don’t miss cocktail hour to share stories with your fellow travelers before sitting down for a dinner carefully curated to represent the river.
    A Day of Cruising

    There are a variety of activities scheduled on board when the ship is underway, which vary depending on the itinerary and scheduled date. Enjoy destination-focused enrichment programs with special guest speakers who present topics related to the region and ports of call, including Art Classes, App-titude Classes (Tech Made Easy), Cooking Demonstrations, Mixology (practice of making great cocktails,) Trivia, Game Shows, and more.
  • Day 30 Hannibal, MO
    Day 30 – Hannibal, MO

    This charming slice of Americana is situated along the river’s shoreline.  Here, cobblestone streets relive Mark Twain's boyhood escapades, establishing itself as a literary legacy. Quaint Victorian homes stand sentinel over the riverbanks, their colorful facades reflecting the vibrant character of this historic town. The lives of Twain's beloved characters, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, seem to come through the streets, inspiring adventure. From the iconic white picket fence of the Mark Twain Boyhood Home to the quaint charm of the Becky Thatcher House, each corner of Hannibal is adorned with stories waiting to be discovered.
    Mark Twain Boyhood Home & Museum - Complimentary Excursion

    As you arrive in Hannibal, the boyhood home of famous author Mark Twain, relive the author’s experiences that heavily influenced his writings. Visit the actual home that Mark Twain grew up in, which is surrounded by the legendary whitewashed fence of Tom Sawyer. The vivid stories told by Mark Twain come to life at this interactive museum. Visit the Becky Thatcher House, the Huck Finn Home, and the Tom and Huck Statue at the foot of Cardiff Hill. Stop at the Interpretive Center, home to 15 original Normal Rockwell paintings.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA Accessibility: Yes
    Hannibal Local Loop - Complimentary Excursion

    Explore downtown Hannibal on your own. Take time for shopping and strolling through town. Our convenient shuttle will also take you to the following:

    Hannibal History Museum - Through interactive exhibits, artifacts, and historic photos, learn the story of Hannibal's remarkable past.

    Mark Twain Boyhood Home &Museum - Enjoy a guided exploration of the Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum. This is truly a piece of Americana.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA Accessibility: Yes
    Hannibal City Exploration and Rockcliffe Mansion

    Step back in time and relive the adventures of Mark Twain’s days in Hannibal. Your guide will share the history of Hannibal and will show you sites of historical importance. While on your excursion, visit Rockcliffe Mansion – this American “castle” has a breathtaking view overlooking the Mississippi and is on the National Register of Historic Homes.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA Accessible: No
    A Walk With Mark Twain

    Join Richard Garey as Mark Twain and stroll through the streets of Hannibal, the hometown that inspired Mark Twain’s famous literary novels. Learn about its history through the author’s own words and observations and then enjoy a special performance of “Mark Twain Himself” at the Planter’s Barn Theater.

    Activity Level: High | ADA Accessible: Yes
  • Day 31 Day of River Cruising
    Day 31 – Day of River Cruising

    Settle into one of our spacious lounges aboard the riverboat, where you can lose yourself in the pages of a captivating book as we continue  from Hannibal to Muscatine. Alternatively, find tranquility on the sun deck or your private balcony, where you can relax and immerse yourself in the passing landscapes. Let the calm rock of the river carry you on a journey of serenity and discovery, as each bend reveals a new vista to behold. Whether you're seeking solitude or companionship, there's no better place to unwind and savor the beauty of the heartland than aboard our riverboat.
    A Day of Cruising

    There are a variety of activities scheduled on board when the ship is underway, which vary depending on the itinerary and scheduled date. Enjoy destination-focused enrichment programs with special guest speakers who present topics related to the region and ports of call, including Art Classes, App-titude Classes (Tech Made Easy), Cooking Demonstrations, Mixology (practice of making great cocktails,) Trivia, Game Shows, and more.
  • Day 32 Muscatine, IA
    Day 32 – Muscatine, IA

    Along the meandering banks, Muscatine, stands as a testament to both the tranquility of nature and the resilience of its people. Here, the river's gentle currents carry the voices of the past and the present. In the heart of the city, the Pearl Button Museum pays homage to Muscatine's unique history, while Pine Creek Grist Mill stands as a sentinel to the community's enduring spirit. Wander through quaint streets adorned with historic architecture, where each building tells a tale of days gone by. As the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky with hues of orange and gold, Muscatine's timeless allure casts a spell, enchanting all who have the pleasure of experiencing its beauty.,%20ia/acl_website_700x500_muscatine.jpg?ext=.jpg
    18 Holes at Geneva Golf & Country Club

    Enjoy 18 holes of golf at Geneva Golf & Country Club. History surrounds you at this 123 year old, championship location that is both challenging for the experienced golfer and fair and fun for the beginner. The course is a masterpiece featuring rolling terrain, rambling Geneva Creek, strategically placed bunkers, and three sets of tees that allow the course to be set up for various playing levels. In addition, you will enjoy drinks served on the course and a special take home gift consisting of balls, towel, and divot tool.
    Activity Level: High / ADA Accessible: No
    This is a Signature shore excursion and should be reserved in advance. Please call (800) 894-8570 for information.,%20ia/acl_website_700x500_muscataine_genova_golf_course.jpg?ext=.jpg
    Muscatine Local Loop

    Explore the area at your leisure with our convenient motorcoach making stops at: 

    • The Environmental Learning Center - Nested on 85 acres, the center offers numerous natural history exhibits featuring live reptiles, amphibians, and fish of eastern Iowa, and live raptor programs. The park also offers walking paths that wind past ponds, woodlands, prairie, as well as the Learning Center, Historic Old Barn, and Muscatine Arboretum.
    • The Muscatine Art Center – This unique destination showcases paintings made by artists recognized around the world, fascinating objects connected to Muscatine’s past, beautifully crafted decorative arts, charming period rooms, and a Japanese Garden installed nearly a century ago. The historic house was constructed in 1908 as a gift from lumber baron Peter Musser to his daughter Laura Musser and her husband Edwin McColm. The period rooms on the main floor of the house allow visitors to step back in time. Objects belonging to the Musser-McColm family, historic furnishings, and paintings from the Mississippi River collection capture the imagination.  
    • The National Pearl Button Museum – Learn the story of the unique home-grown industry which dominated the economy of Muscatine from the 1890s to the 1950s. In the first decade of the 20th century, this small river town produced one-third of the world's pearl buttons, over 1.5 billion per year. Each and every one was cut from the shell of a freshwater mussel found in the Mississippi River.

    Activity Level: Low / ADA Accessible: Yes,%20ia/acl_website_700x500_musctaine_art_center.jpg?ext=.jpg
    Pine Creek Grist Mill

    Come visit the lovingly restored Pine Creek Grist Mill, at Wildcat Den State Park, reputed to be the oldest, most complete gristmill between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains. Your friendly and experienced guide will interpret the significance of the 175 year old mill, its original milling equipment, and its picturesque setting. Listen to dramatic stories about the mill’s various owners and watch as the mill’s complex systems of belts and pulleys bring the milling process to life. With the mill being part of Iowa’s state park system, you are sure to enjoy all of nature’s glory.

    Activity Level: Moderate / ADA Accessible: No,%20ia/acl_website_700x500_muscataine_pine_grist_mill.jpg?ext=.jpg
  • Day 33 Dubuque, IA
    Day 33 – Dubuque, IA

    Dubuque proudly boasts its status as one of the oldest settlements west of the Mighty Mississippi,  flourishing with a history as rich as the currents that flow by its shores. Experience the world's shortest and steepest scenic railway with a ride on the Fenelon Place Elevator, offering sweeping views of the city and river below. 

    See the colorful Victorian mansions that dot the landscape, each one a testament to Dubuque's storied past and architectural wonder. And no visit to Dubuque would be complete without exploring the wonders of the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium, where the river's vibrant ecosystem comes to life in immersive exhibits and interactive displays.
    Dubuque Local Loop - Complimentary Excursion

    This convenient shuttle will transport you from the ship to the center of town and back. At your leisure, explore the many districts of downtown Dubuque, including Cable Car Square, the Historic Millwork District, and Historic Old Main District, once a hideaway for notorious gangster Al Capone. Visit the Summer Farmers Market which has been located in the Upper Main district since 1845. Running daily on a continuous loop.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Delight in Dubuque

    Delight in an exploration of some of the highlights of Dubuque. First, stop at Steeple Square Event Center, one of the oldest catholic churches in Dubuque which was renovated into a vibrant community gathering space. Next, arrive at Dubuque Arboretum & Botanical Garden for a guided exploration of the beautiful landscapes. Visit the Convivium Urban Farmstead, a center which celebrates the efforts of local gardeners with onsite cooking and gardening classes as well as a restaurant that serves local produce. Ride the Fenelon Place Elevator, the shortest steepest railway in the United States. Don’t forget the camera, it’s a great opportunity to get a photo of the ship at dock in the Port of Dubuque from above the bluffs.

    Activity Level: Moderate | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium - Complimentary Excursion

    Take an entertaining and informative journey along the mighty Mississippi at the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium. The museum’s interactive exhibits will give you an inside look at the Mississippi River's past, present, and future. On this guided exploration, learn about the lives of the pioneers, explorers, and artists who once lived along the Mississippi River. Get close to nature, as you make your way through six large aquariums.

    Activity Level: Medium | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Field of Dreams Experience

    Travel to the Field of Dreams Movie Site, built by Universal Studios and known for the famous quote, “If you build it, he will come.” Released in 1989, Field of Dreams, starring Kevin Costner, was a movie that inspired millions and became an Academy Award nominee for “Best Picture of the Year.” Explore this famous site, including the baseball field, the magical corn, and the farm house in which the movie was made. After, visit the gift shop for some take-home movie memorabilia.

    Activity Level: Moderate | ADA Accessibility: Yes
  • Day 34 Winona, MN
    Day 34 – Winona, MN

    Among the rolling bluffs , Winona, Minnesota, exudes a quiet grace. Its quaint streets, lined with Victorian-era architecture, stand as a testament to a bygone era, while the river's gentle currents weave tales of time immemorial. Winona's artistic soul shines through in its vibrant cultural scene. Explore the city's history at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum, where masterpieces inspired by the river's majestic beauty come to life. Or, wander through rolling fields of prairie flowers. As the sun sets over the horizon, casting a golden glow over the bluffs and river below, Winona's timeless charm stays with all who wander its scenic shores.
    Discover Winona - Complimentary Excursion

    Enjoy a guided, in-depth exploration of the historic and intriguing sites around greater Winona. Stops include the Winona County History Center, Minnesota Marine Art Museum, Garvin Heights lookout with amazing views of this stretch of the Mississippi River Valley, and more.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA Accessibility: Yes
    Downtown Winona Walking Experience - Complimentary Excursion

    Take a guided walk through Winona's historic downtown to admire great architecture, hear surprising stories, and play a fun game or two. 

    Activity Level: Low | ADA Accessibility: Yes
    Winona Local Loop - Complimentary Excursion

    Running on a continuous loop, this guided exploration shuttle takes you from the ship to Winona's hot spots including history and art museums, historic places with beautiful architecture and stained glass, and to the heart of Downtown so you can shop, eat, and stroll at your leisure.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA Accessibility: Yes
    Winona Boat Exploration

    This narrated Winona boat exploration not only entertains but educates about the famed waterway, the history of Winona and its relation to the Mississippi River. Bring your camera and binoculars to view local wildlife like eagles, deer, turtles, snakes, and beaver on this mesmerizing river cruise.

    Activity Level: Low
    Black Bird Slough Paddling

    Enter the quiet and rich environment of Pool 6 of the Mississippi River and observe wildlife up close within the forested backwaters. On a sit-on-top kayak or canoe, with a partner or on your own, paddle along the smooth water, stopping for a refreshment along the way. A portion of each excursion cost goes towards reclamation efforts in the surrounding Prairie Island Park area. 

    This is a Signature shore excursion and should be reserved in advance. Please call (800) 894-8570 for information.

    Activity Level: moderate | ADA Accessibilty: No
  • Day 35 Day of River Cruising
    Day 35 – Day of River Cruising

    As you sail from Winona to Red Wing, notice the beauty of the Midwestern shoreline from your private balcony. Let the river inspire you, surrounded by charming towns and serene landscapes. Feel the gentle motion of the water as it guides your journey along this historic route. This experience is not just a voyage, but a moment to stop and look around.
    A Day of Cruising

    There are a variety of activities scheduled on board when the ship is underway, which vary depending on the itinerary and scheduled date. Enjoy destination-focused enrichment programs with special guest speakers who present topics related to the region and ports of call, including Art Classes, App-titude Classes (Tech Made Easy), Cooking Demonstrations, Mixology (practice of making great cocktails,) Trivia, Game Shows, and more.
  • Day 36 Red Wing, MN
    Day 36 – Red Wing, MN

    Overlooking the northern riverbanks,  Red Wing has been a muse for craftsmen and artisans for over 150 years. Its beauty, with its extending cliffs and sweeping river views, has inspired countless works of art and creativity. Experience the city's vibrant cultural scene at the historic Sheldon Performing Arts Theatre, where world-class performances await. Or, immerse yourself in the natural escape of one of Red Wing's 38 parks, each offering its own unique charm, from the tranquil riverside trails of Colvill Park to the thick greenery of Barn Bluff. Whether you're seeking artistic inspiration or outdoor adventure, Red Wing invites you to discover the magic that has captivated hearts for generations.
    St. Paul Discovery

    There's no better way to experience the capital city of St. Paul than on this carefully-curated excursion. Saint Paul, though the state capital, moves at a slower pace and has prided itself on architectural preservation, boasting some of the Midwest's last remaining Victorian Romanesque blocks. Led by our engaging guide, explore all this beautiful city has to offer as well as a brief stop at the Minnehaha Falls.

    Note: Only available on cruises ending in St. Paul/Red Wing.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA Accessibility: Yes
    National Eagle Center - Complimentary Excursion

    Visit the National Eagle Center, offering additional up close viewing of non-releasable bald and golden eagles. Learn about the ecology, biology, and natural history of these magnificent creatures.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Red Wing City Exploration - Complimentary Excursion

    Travel back in time as you explore the beautiful city of Red Wing. Led by our local expert guide, view some of the most impressive Victorian homes of the period as well as the historic St. James Hotel. Visit the Pottery Museum of Red Wing and admire the numerous true vintage pieces on site such as stoneware, dinnerware, folk art, and more! Stop at the Sheldon Theatre, among the oldest operating theatres in Minnesota and host to thousands of large national touring acts, international artists, and local performers alike.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA Accessibility: Yes
    Red Wing Local Loop – Complimentary Excursion

    Explore the highlights of Red Wing on this convenient shuttle to:

    • Pottery Museum of Red Wing - Visit this fascinating museum, dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the colorful and rich story of the clay industry along the Mississippi River. Admire the numerous true vintage pieces of artisan-crafted stoneware, dinnerware, folk art, and more.
    • Goodhue County History Center - Established in 1869, this museum is home to the first county historical society in Minnesota. Learn about Goodhue County’s rich and vibrant history spanning centuries. View two and three-dimensional exhibits that represent every decade of the county’s history, including rare examples of Mississippian and Woodland pottery, as well as terracotta and stoneware products from the pottery companies of Red Wing.
    • Shopping Area - Stroll around and enjoy the quaint downtown shops. This area is home to the world’s largest boot (over 20 feet tall!) at Red Wing Shoe Flagship store.
    • Red Wing Arts - Visit this creative art center and gift store, in the historic Red Wing Depot, which celebrates community and creativity and features local art and exhibits.

    Activity Level: Low / ADA Accessible: Yes
  • Day 37 – Board American Patriot in Boston, MA
  • Day 38 Portland, ME
    Day 38 – Portland, ME

    Maine's most historic seaport overlooks beautiful Casco Bay. Spend your visit exploring its gallant 360-year history or check out its amazing cultural scene. Big-city excitement blends delightfully with small-town charm here as fishing vessels bustle in the harbor and Victorian-era buildings still line cobblestone streets.
    Best Craft Beverages Bus

    There is no better way to experience Portland’s craft wines, beers, and spirits than aboard the Maine Brews Cruise Bus. Led by an engaging guide, get an inside look at a local distillery, winery, and brewery where you can partake in samples. Along the ride, enjoy fun beer trivia and history. Whether you are an amateur sipper or a full-on connoisseur, this is an experience you won’t want to miss.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: No
    Old Port Walk, Talk, & Taste

    Drink through Portland beer history on this leisurely walking excursion. Visit and learn about notable Portland landmarks, including numerous former brewery sites, the U.S. Custom House, the Workingmen’s Club, the Mariners’ Church, the Seamen’s Club, and the working waterfront that was essential for importing many goods and the exporting of alcohol, during times of prohibition. As part of this historical journey, we will stop at 3 legendary Portland breweries for a sample of craft beer, including Shipyard Brewing Company, Sebago Brewing Company, and Gritty McDuff’s.

    Activity Level: Moderate | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Partial
    Portland Lighthouse Boat Experience

    Board the Elizabeth Grace for a cruise around scenic Portland Harbor and out into Casco Bay. While sipping local craft beer, keep your eyes open for potential seal sightings, as well as the multiple lighthouses, islands, and forts. Light refreshments, including non-alcoholic beverages are available throughout.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Partial
    Portland City Exploration - Complimentary Excursion

    Portland is Maine’s largest city-by-the-sea. The Old Port waterfront features working fishing wharves and converted warehouses with restaurants and shops. The Western Promenade is a public park atop a bluff, offering river and mountain views. Its surrounding district, the West End, is full of Victorian-era homes

    Meet your local guide for a narrated exploration. View Longfellow’s boyhood home, sea captains’ houses and the elegant Victorian Mansion. Travel through historic neighborhoods overlooking the islands of Casco Bay in Portland Harbor. Stop at Portland Head Lighthouse in Fort Williams Park, a historic landmark and the most photographed lighthouse in America.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Island Fort Boat & Walking Experience

    Board the Elizabeth Grace for this exclusive, one-of-a-kind experience. The stone fortresses built in the early 19th century in Portland Harbor are imposing reminders of days in the not so distant past when the defense of our coastline required their presence. Despite their prominence, the forts are not easy to access for a variety of reasons, and most locals and visitors have never been to Fort Scammel, the only fort in the Portland Harbor to see active combat. On your way to the fort, enjoy some other great sights of the bay, including iconic lighthouses. Upon arrival, explore the grounds of this impressive historic structure. 

    This is a Signature shore excursion and should be reserved in advance. Please call (800) 460-4518 for information.

    Activity Level: High | ADA ACCESSIBLE: NO
  • Day 39 Bath, ME
    Day 39 – Bath, ME

    Long known as the "City of Ships," Bath finds its identity in shipbuilding. From its architecture and cultural offerings to its urban downtown, Bath's shipbuilding roots define its character. Walk Bath's streets and admire the seaport's tree-lined avenues, graced with classic examples of American architecture. Or explore the nationally acclaimed Maine Maritime Museum, which offers a variety of exhibits about Maine's nautical history.
    City of Ships Exploration

    History awaits on an immersive and interactive exploration of quaint downtown Bath, led by a local educator. Learn Bath's fascinating story by walking among the charming period buildings, hearing unique stories, and uncovering hidden gems. This excursion is designed for those who love history and offers something for everyone. You will leave with a new appreciation for Bath, Maine, and American history.

    Activity Level: High | ADA ACCESSIBLE:
    Maine Maritime Museum Exploration

    Explore the Maine Maritime Museum at your leisure and experience Maine’s rich seafaring history on the banks of the Kennebec River. From watercraft and lobstering, to shipbuilding and sea trade, see how a shipbuilder’s family lived in the 1890s, smell the sawdust from historic ships, and discover the wonders and mysteries of Maine’s maritime culture.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Freeport, Maine Shopping Transportation

    Take this convenient shuttle to The Freeport Outlets, home to L.L. Bean Factory Store. Explore this laid-back shopping destination, featuring a variety of name-brand outlet stores, craft boutiques, and eateries.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Bath Town Shuttle

    Long known as the “City of Ships,” Bath’s shipyards line its river’s edge and Bath-built vessels sail the seas of the world. Hop aboard the town trolley, which picks up at the Maine Maritime Museum, and enjoy a ride around town with stops in the Downtown area.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Captain Dave's Photo Safari

    Hop aboard the Rockin' Spartan for a private photography and sightseeing exploration by boat around the scenic Mid-coast Maine area captained by USCG Captain Dave Cleaveland, a longtime professional photographer in Maine. During the trip, you will have the opportunity to see eagles, osprey, seals and other wildlife, up to 10 lighthouses, several different rivers, working lobster boats, a Civil War fort, fishing villages, and Boothbay Harbor. Need a little help with your photography? Captain Dave will get you in the right spot for the best light for your photos and will help you with your photography skills.

    Activity Level: Low / ADA Accessible: No

    Oyster Farming 101

    Visit the Gaffney family farm, Eros Oyster, a working oyster farm on Robinhood Cove, Georgetown Island. Be greeted by one of the farmers who will introduce you to the business, its history, and the technology used to grow oysters.  
    Take a short walk to the waterfront to see the operation up-close. View the nursery where oyster babies are fed 24/7 in giant test tubes, as well as the shaker table and tumbler where the farmers shape and sort the oysters at every stage of growth. See the culling tables where market-ready oysters are selected for delivery or shipment overnight to customers around the country.  
    At a scenic site overlooking the Cove, learn how to shuck (and eat) oysters on the half shell. Enjoy some just-harvested chilled oysters, which you can shuck yourself or with the help of a farmer. As you savor this delectable treat, you will have a chance to ask questions as well as purchase merchandise as well as additional oysters to bring back to the ship.

    Activity Level: Low / ADA Accessible: Yes
  • Day 40 Boothbay Harbor, ME
    Day 40 – Boothbay Harbor, ME

    This lovely, historic town is lined with shops, boutiques, and picture-perfect harbors dotted with lobster boats, pleasure crafts, and windjammers. Boothbay is the largest boating harbor north of Boston, earning the moniker of "Boating Capital of New England."
    Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens Guided Exploration

    Hidden on the Boothbay peninsula is New England's most extensive botanical garden. Immerse yourself in more than 300 acres of stunning gardens, walking trails, and educational resources. From the Native Butterfly and Moth House to the Rhododendron and Perennial Garden, there is something for everyone.  

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Boothbay Harbor Cruise

    Experience the thrill of seal watching in Maine on a delightful Boothbay Harbor Cruise. Explore summer colonies, lighthouses, and small islands, maybe even spot a few seals on the ledges. Excitement awaits you as we pass by lighthouses, numerous islands, the stunning coastline, and both the inner and outer harbor.
  • Day 41 Bar Harbor, ME
    Day 41 – Bar Harbor, ME

    The natural beauty that surrounds Bar Harbor is accented with ocean cliffs, glacier‐formed lakes and valleys, stunning mountain vistas, and pine forest. This beauty has been captured in the works of Thomas Cole, Frederic Edwin Church, and many other great artists.

    Lobstering is a centuries‐old industry that continues to thrive in Bar Harbor as well as boat building, another traditional business that is an important part of the economy.  Though Bar Harbor region is best known for its outdoor activities, it is also home to small museums, cultural attractions, and historically significant landmarks.
    Acadia National Park & Bar Harbor Experience

    Enjoy a narrated, scenic ride to Acadia National Park, a natural treasure offering stunning mountain vistas, boreal forests, and amazing wildlife. Take a ride to Cadillac Mountain, the highest point on the Eastern Seaboard offering magnificent ocean views.  Stop at Thunder Hole, a small inlet, naturally carved out of the rocks, that waves roll into. With the rush of the waves, air and water are forced out of the inlet, making a sound like a clap of distant thunder.

    After, enjoy lunch at Jordan Pond House, which sits on a hill overlooking a beautiful lawn along this scenic pond. Led by our local guide, explore Bar Harbor, a charming downtown waterfront with wonderful artisan boutiques, restaurants, and small shops. After, take time to stroll through this quaint town at your leisure. 

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Lobster Fishing & Seal Watching Cruise

    Come aboard the Miss Samantha, a 56’ vessel with ample bench seating, a touch tank for ocean critters, and an open bow for photography and viewing opportunities. Watch experienced fisherman haul in lobster traps from the ocean floor as a professional naturalist describes everything and answers all your questions about lobster fishing and marine wildlife. Once the traps are hauled in, you can touch lobsters, crabs, sea cucumbers, sea stars, and anything else comes up from the sea floor. About half way through the cruise, you will head off to a small island to view seals basking on the rocks or swimming in the nearby water. Don’t forget to bring your camera.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA Accessible: Yes
    Hunters Beach and Brook Trail Nature Walk

    Enjoy a nature-filled walking experience with a State of Maine Certified Wilderness Guide. Walk along Hunters Beach and through Hunters Brook Trail known and discover the amazing geologic and natural history of this unique ecosystem. Learn about the flora and fauna, watch for porcupines and owls, and observe seals in the waves. The naturalists are extremely knowledgeable and will bring a sense of adventure to your walk!

    Activity Level: Moderate | ADA Accessible: No
  • Day 42 Bangor, ME
    Day 42 – Bangor, ME

    Bangor, the third-largest city in the state, is located on the western bank of the picturesque Penobscot River. The proximity of the river made Bangor the “lumber capital of the world” for much of the 19th century, earning it the title of “Queen City” of Maine.

    Also known as the hometown to author Stephen King, Bangor is the inspiration of his fictional town of Derry, Maine, the setting of many of his novels. During your time in Bangor, view where Stephen King lived and worked on a guided excursion. Charter a boat and enjoy a fishing adventure in pursuit of the area’s renowned smallmouth bass.
    Madame History Mount Hope Garden Walking Excursion

    Built in 1834, Bangor’s 264-acre Mount Hope Cemetery is the nation’s second-oldest garden cemetery and is on the National Register for Historic Places. It was designed by renowned architect Charles G. Bryant as part of a national movement to provide respite from grassless urban landscapes. Today it is still a lively place where people regularly walk and jog past tall trees and picturesque ponds. You may catch sight of turtles, frogs, muskrats, ducks, and occasionally even the resident great blue heron.

    During this Madame History guided excursion, visit some of the cemetery’s most unique and notable monuments, including the nation’s first Civil War memorial. You will also learn about 19th-century life in Bangor as told through gravestone symbology, mourning practices, and stories of Mount Hope’s most interesting permanent residents.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA Accessible: Yes
    Downtown Walking Exploration with Fan Jones

    Travel back in time to walk the streets of Bangor’s historic downtown with the notorious Madam Fan Jones, as she shares true and dramatic tales of the people and events that shaped the 19th-century “lumber capital of the world.” During the great lumber boom of the 1800s, the city of Bangor, Maine was famous for its wealth, refinement, and industry –and a good deal of vice and violence. While the lumber barons, politicians, and other members of polite society spent time in their well-appointed offices and fine estates, those in their employ toiled deep in the woods, out on the mighty river, or in their factories. Lumbermen, river drivers, sailors, Irish laborers, and other members of the working class worked hard –and played harder– entertaining themselves with booze, brawls, and brothels -- like Fan's Sky Blue House of Pleasure -- in the infamous “Devil’s Half Acre” before stumbling back to tenements, ships, and the woods. This lively excursion shines a light on the city’s complex history while showcasing some of the monuments and architecture of the great city on the Penobscot.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA Accessible: Yes
    Bangor Local Loop

    Visit the museums of Bangor aboard this convenient shuttle making stops at:

    Zillman Art Museum – Part of the University of Maine, this museum features a collection of more than 4,000 original works of art with a focus American mid-20th century works on paper. Contemporary pieces include those of Andy Warhol, Edward Hopper, Pablo Picasso, and more. Additionally, the museum’s permanent collection celebrates the long heritage of Maine art and artists, including works by artists such as Berenice Abbott, Winslow Homer, and Andrew Wyeth.  

    Thomas A. Hill House Museum - Built in 1835, this fascinating museum offers insight into Bangor’s history, including settlement, the lumber boom, the great fire of 1911, and well-known people and families of the area. Explore an extensive collection of Bangor artifacts and one of the region’s largest collections of Civil War memorabilia, including Joshua Chamberlain’s sword from the Battle of Gettysburg.

    The Cole Land Transportation Museum - Home to over 200 vehicles that span the history of transportation in Maine, this museum collects, preserves, and displays (before they disappear forever) a cross section of Maine’s land transportation equipment. Whether you like trains, trucks, snowmobiles, or classic cars, you will find something of interest and learn something new.
    The Orono Bog Boardwalk – Complimentary Excursion

    Experience the beauty and fascinating plants and wildlife of a Maine bog. The 1-mile boardwalk loop trail begins at a forested wetland edge in the Bangor City Forest, crossing the Orono town line into the portion of the Orono Bog owned by the University of Maine. View a wide range of changing vegetation and environments on your way to the open, peat moss carpeted center of the Orono Bog. Along the way, well-designed, full color signs provide illustrations and explanations of common species of bog plants and animals. Benches for rest and contemplation are provided at least every 200 feet.

    Activity Level: Moderate / ADA Accessible: Yes
  • Day 43 Rockland/Camden, ME
    Day 43 – Rockland/Camden, ME

    Full of classic schooners, this charming village is considered the "Tall Ship Capital of Maine." Enjoy the summer sun and refreshing sea breezes as you watch beautiful ships sail into the harbor or browse the quaint shops and art galleries. Bring your camera to capture ocean vistas, placid coastlines, and panoramic views of Camden, Penobscot Bay, and surrounding islands from atop Mount Battie.
    Camden Historical Walking Exploration - Complimentary Excursion

    Join a local guide for a walking exploration of Camden, the prettiest harbor on the Maine Coast.  As you weave through the streets, learn about the history of this quaint port from its industrial beginnings through its current status as the hub for yachting in Maine. View beautiful architecture and landscaping designs along the way. After the walk, explore Camden at your leisure.

    Activity Level: Moderate | ADA ACCESSIBLE: No
    Lobsterbake Luncheon - Complimentary Excursion

    One of the highlights of our New England itineraries is the traditional Lobsterbake. This tradition pre-dates America itself, beginning thousands of years ago with the Native Americans. 

    Our version of this long held New England summer tradition is very much the same, featuring fresh lobsters, steamed clams and mussels, warm corn on the cob, and baked rolls, prepared on a fire along the beach. In addition to the finest seafood in the area, we also feature live music presented by talented local musicians.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Lobstering & Lighthouse Cruise

    Take a cruise from Camden Harbor with Captain Dominic aboard the Periwinkle. Watch a live lobster fishing demonstration and learn about these iconic Maine crustaceans-with the opportunity to hold a live lobster! Enjoy scenic views of Curtis Island Lighthouse, idyllic landscapes, and abundant wildlife that may include sea birds, eagles, seals and porpoise. Sit back, relax, and take it all in, or volunteer to help the crew for the true experience!  

    Activity Level: Moderate | ADA ACCESSIBLE: No
    Camden Hills State Park Experience

    Known as the Jewel of the Maine Coast, Camden is nestled between the Penobscot Bay and the rugged Mount Battie. Enjoy a narrated journey through Camden Hills State Park and a stop at the top of the mountain for stunning panoramic views of shining lakes, the busy harbor, and the islands of the Penobscot Bay. The exploration continues through the villages of Camden and Rockport, as well as the notable Rockport Belted Galloways. Next, stop at Rockport Harbor's Marine Park, featuring historic lime kilns, lobster boats, and the statue of Rockport's famous seal Andre.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Sail, Power, & Steam Museum Exploration - Complimentary Excursion

    Just before enjoying the Lobsterbake Luncheon at Sharp’s Point South, visit the Sail Power & Steam Museum, a working “hands on” museum with sail making and rigging rooms. Enjoy “make ‘n break” gas stationery and steam engines, old ship building tools, hand tools, and architectural builder’s half models.

    The museum has a complete boat shop with caulking tools, a working sail maker’s bench, and a navigation room with two working radars. Also in the museum is a shipwreck room featuring wrecks of 1898, a real working lime kiln, and an extensive model display of schooners and steam boats of the Penobscot.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Rockland City Museum Exploration - Complimentary Excursion

    Explore the museums of Rockland with visits to Owls Head Transportation Museum and Farnsworth Museum. The Owls Head Transportation Museum has one of the finest collections of pioneer-era aircraft and automobiles in the world. More than 100 historic aircraft, automobiles, bicycles, carriages, and engines are on permanent display. Enjoy the museum’s outstanding collection, view late 19th-century automobiles, or even ride in a Model T.

    The Farnsworth Museum features the permanent collection, “Maine in America,” which focuses on Maine artists and The Wyeth Center. The Farnsworth Art Museum is one of only two centers in the country dedicated to the three generations of Wyeths: N.C., Andrew, and James Wyeth.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
  • Day 44 Portsmouth, NH
    Day 44 – Portsmouth, NH

    Portsmouth is a city where the past and present coexist harmoniously. Admire the colorful 17th-century homes that adorn the streets, many of which are listed on the National Register of Historic Buildings. Explore the lush gardens and picturesque walkways Prescott Park, located right along the harbor.

    Explore Strawbery Banke Museum, a living history museum where historic houses represent life in the 1600s to the 1900s. Engage with costumed roleplayers representing families from different eras in this historic waterfront neighborhood. Shop and dine Market Square, filled with great boutiques, restaurants, and cafes, as well as local wineries.,%20nh/acl_website_700x500_portsmouth_nh.jpg?ext=.jpg
    City and Historic Neighborhood Bike Exploration

    The neighborhoods of Portsmouth are a treasure trove of fascinating cultural buildings, historic architecture, parks, and sculptures. Traveling by e-bike, see the city in a unique way while learning about its fascinating history from your friendly guide. Explore the city's five distinctive boroughs, stopping at historical landmarks, points of interest, and great places for photos including:

    • Former North End/ "Little Italy"- Learn about the transformation of the area since the 1970s and stop at The Hill to view Little Italy's preserved historic buildings, some dating back to the 1700s 
    • Little Harbor - View the secret cove and the back channel. Hop off your bike for a short walk to the river and hear about the Wentworth Coolidge Mansion and a former visitor, George Washington  
    • Prescott Park - Learn about the Prescott Sister's transformation of the area into a waterfront park
    • Former Frank Jones Brewery Lane – Listen to a story about the King of Ale 
    • New Sculpture Garden at Bohenko Park – View the new Portsmouth 400th sculpture Endeavor and the steampunk art sculpture 

    Activity Level: High | ADA ACCESSIBLE: No,%20nh/614229372-acl_website_700x500_portsmouth_bike_exploration.jpg?ext=.jpg
    Portsmouth Local Loop - Complimentary Excursion

    This convenient option will transport you to one of these local favorites:

    • Portsmouth Historical Society Museum - View the exhibition, "The Matter of Memory," which explores the role museums play in preserving and creating individual and community memory.  This exhibition is complemented by contemporary works that explore themes of memory and remembrance.
    • Jimmy Jazz & Blues Club - Discover this architecturally breathtaking space which dates back to 1905 when it was first constructed as a YMCA. Now serving as a center for arts and culture, this club is considered a world-class “listening room,” built for music lovers and the inspiring artists who perform here.   
    • Albacore Park - Visit the USS Albacore submarine which stands as a testament to naval innovation. Delve into Albacore's interior; look through the periscope, and explore the control room, engineering spaces, and bunkrooms. Listen to recorded narration about the submarine's unique features, the daily life of its crew, and firsthand accounts from former crew members.  Peruse the Visitors Center and gift store, where you can purchase submarine-themed books and gifts. Adjacent is the Memorial Garden, which pays tribute to all crew and officers who have been lost in the Submarine Service.  

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Partial,%20nh/614229380-acl_website_700x500_portsmouth_local_loop.jpg?ext=.jpg
  • Day 45 Gloucester, MA
    Day 45 – Gloucester, MA

    Located a few miles from Boston, Gloucester is the home to America's original seaport and the oldest working art colony in North America. The town’s picturesque waterfront has drawn fishermen, artists, and visitors for over four hundred years. With over 60 miles of coastline, there is a wealth of stunning views to enjoy and plenty of fresh seafood to savor.
    The Gloucester City Exploration with Hammond Castle

    Enjoy a wonderful city exploration of Gloucester including a visit to the Fisherman's Memorial. Follow the exploration with a stop at Hammond Castle, a true European castle located on the New England Shoreline constructed between 1926 and 1929. The home, which sits on a rocky cliff overlooking picturesque Gloucester Harbor, was the residence and laboratory of inventor John Hays Hammond, Jr. who was pioneered the study of remote control and held over four hundred patents. Led by our expert guide, explore this medieval castle, which incorporated elements from several architectural periods and styles. View the most famous feature in the home, a gigantic pipe organ, an instrument designed and built by a collection of world-famous organ builders over a period of ten years.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: No
    Schooner Lannon Cruise

    Sail on board the Schooner Lannon (65-foot boat) and get a taste for what it was like to sail on a fishing schooner 100 years ago. Along your journey, sit back and take in the sights and sounds of Gloucester's coastline. Breathe the refreshing air and feel the wind on your face as you witness lighthouses, castles, scenic beaches, and magnificent waterfront homes.  

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: No
    Maritime Gloucester - Complimentary Excursion

    Maritime Gloucester is a working waterfront, maritime museum, sea pocket aquarium, and so much more all rolled into one exciting destination. Combine your visit with a narrated city exploration and you will see why Gloucester is such a special port of call. Learn about the rich maritime heritage of Gloucester along with its unique marine environment through interactive exhibits, the visitor center and more. After visiting the Maritime Gloucester, board the motor coach for a narrated exploration of Gloucester and East Gloucester, also referred to as Rocky Neck. Highlights will include Stacy Boulevard, where passengers can view the famous statue “Man at the Wheel,” Downtown Gloucester, and Rocky Neck.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
  • Day 46 Provincetown, MA
    Day 46 – Provincetown, MA

    Originally settled as an artists colony, Provincetown is now one of the most popular summer destinations on Cape Cod. Known for its quaint shops, colorful architecture, and relaxing beaches, Provincetown offers guests a great opportunity to explore historic Cape Cod culture.
    Dune & Seashore Adventure

    Enjoy a guided scenic hike along North Truro's High Head Beach, where we will explore the Dune Habitat and Atlantic Shore. Led by an expert naturalist, learn about the uniqueness of this ecosystem and how the dunes are formed. View the amazing plants and animals that call this area home, as well as the megafauna found on the beach. Along the way, our guide will discuss their place and importance in the ecosystem.  Some of it will surprise you!

    Activity Level: Moderate | ADA ACCESSIBLE: No
    Provincetown Dunes Adventure

    In your private SUV, enjoy this unique adventure that takes you on a rolling exploration along the Dune Shacks of Peaked Hill Bars Historic District. As you weave through the dunes, witness the shacks that come into view. Home to many American artists and writers from the 1920s to today, these wooden shacks provide inspiration amidst the shifting sands. Along the way, view the picturesque Pilgrim Lake as you listen to your knowledgeable guide share the history and ecology of this enchanting location.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    The Mayflower Trolley

    Enjoy the sights and history of Provincetown on a narrated trolley exploration. Travel to the beautiful Cape Cod National Seashore. Learn about America's first destination, see where the Mayflower first landed, and hear the amazing stories of Provincetown.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Partial
  • Day 47 Newport, RI
    Day 47 – Newport, RI

    Nestled within Narragansett Bay is Newport, the yachting capital of the world. As you stroll along the beautiful beaches, historic neighborhoods, bustling wharves, and scenic waterfront, you will find Newport offers something for everyone. Explore Newport's fabled past with glimpses of opulent seaside estates along the "Avenue of the Mansions."
    Fort Adams Exploration - Complimentary Excursion

    Visit Fort Adams, the well-known fort used to protect the harbor, and puts us just a short ride away from Newport’s bustling riverfront. View the “Officer’s Quarters” and ascend to the scenic overlook for a breathtaking view of Newport Harbor. Learn about past and future plans for the restoration of the Fort and enter the restored casemates to visit the latest historical exhibit. The listening tunnels beneath the walls of the Fort are a marvel of architecture and engineering and represent 180 years of American military history and culture.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Avenue of Mansions Discovery

    Travel back in time to the epicenter of 19th-century opulence as a knowledgeable guide takes you down one of the most architecturally impressive avenues in the world. Learn about the owners of the homes and their monetary successes as you travel along the spectacular Ocean View Drive and Bellevue Avenue, stopping at the “grande dame” of them all, The Breakers Mansion.

    A portrayal of the social and financial prominence of the Vanderbilt family at the turn of the century, the architecture of this seventy-room Italian Renaissance-style palazzo is remarkable. Take a leisurely audio tour of the home and learn about the Vanderbilt family and the inspiration for their building this impressive summer “cottage.” At the conclusion of the tour, you will have time to explore the bustling Newport waterfront at your leisure.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Partial
    Lobsterbake Luncheon – Complimentary Excursion

    Watch the unveiling of a traditional, old-fashioned lobster bake, followed by a delicious buffet. Be treated to fresh lobster, steamed clams and mussels, warm corn on the cob, and baked rolls. A true New England experience!

    Activity Level: Low / ADA Accessible: Yes
    Newport Local Loop

    Enjoy a complimentary shuttle into the center of town to enjoy stops in Newport at your leisure.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes

    • International Tennis Hall of Fame - Set in The Newport Casino, it’s a National Historic Landmark that was first opened on July 26, 1880, as a social club for Newport’s turn of the century summer elite. Its mission is to preserve and promote the history of tennis and celebrate its champions.
    • Audrain Auto Museum - Founded in 2014 in Newport, Rhode Island with a mission of "Preserving, Celebrating & Sharing Automotive History," the Audrain Automobile Museum and historic Audrain Building was transformed into a captivating exhibition space, fit specifically for our cultural needs. The museum welcomes visitors with access to collections containing over 400 cars and motorcycles ranging from brass era Veteran cars to Supercars of today.
    • The Red Parrot Restaurant - In the heart of downtown Newport where streets lined with shopping boutiques, visitor information, local favorites, and gift shops await.
    • The Sailing Museum – This museum features National Sailing Hall of Fame and America’s Cup Hall of Fame exhibits. In the space once used as the Press Room for the America’s Cup the heritage of sailing is celebrated, the legends of the sport honored, and new sailors and innovators inspired. Interactive educational exhibits provide real-world applications of STEAM concepts that come alive through sailing; and visitors of all ages, non-sailors, and sailors alike, experience the magic that happens when wind and water meet.
    • Transit Station - Access hub for the Newport City public transportation system with buses and trolleys taking visitors to all the highlight areas of interest such as the Cliff Walk and Bellevue Mansions.
    Newport City Exploration

    Take a narrated exploration of historic and famous Newport. With the brilliant Atlantic Ocean on one side and some of the country’s most impressive properties on the other, this celebrated trail is an unforgettable one. Drive along the 10-mile, spectacular Ocean View Drive and Bellevue Ave— “Avenue of the Mansions.” The highlight of the excursion is a stop at the Breakers, a seventy-room mansion and National Historic Landmark built for Cornelius Vanderbilt II in 1895. A short stop will be made for picture opportunities at a beautiful waterfront lookout at Brenton Point State Park.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
    Featured Excursion  
  • Day 48 Martha's Vineyard, MA
    Day 48 – Martha's Vineyard, MA

    During the 18th and 19th centuries, Martha's Vineyard was a hub for merchant ships carrying exotic cargo from the far corners of the world. Today, the island is one of the most popular vacation spots in New England, comprised of six distinct towns. Historic Edgartown is the most genteel town on the island, featuring freshly painted white clapboard colonial homes and manicured gardens.
    Mayflower Trolley

    Enjoy the sights and history of Provincetown on a narrated trolley exploration, including seeing the Cape Cod National Seashore. Learn about America's first destination, see where the Mayflower first landed and hear the amazing stories of Provincetown.
  • Day 49 Nantucket Island/Martha's Vineyard, MA
    Day 49 – Nantucket Island/Martha's Vineyard, MA

    During the 18th and 19th centuries, Martha's Vineyard was a hub for merchant ships carrying exotic cargo from the far corners of the world. Today, the island is one of the most popular vacation spots in New England, comprised of six distinct towns. Historic Edgartown is the most genteel town on the island, featuring freshly painted white clapboard colonial homes and manicured gardens.

    As we approach the tranquil shores of Nantucket, our captain will set anchor in the calm sound for a breathtaking view. Upon arriving ashore, be transported back to the 18th century as you step onto the timeworn cobblestone streets. Nantucket is a world unto itself, with towering church steeples and old-world architecture. Discover how this delightful island has evolved from a small farming community to becoming the center of the American whaling industry and later a popular resort community.
    Views of the Vineyard

    Enjoy a narrated exploration of Martha’s Vineyard. Begin at the busy harbor town of Vineyard Haven, a year-round port which has been the entry port to the island since the mid-1600s. Travel to the scenic up-island countryside, passing through the historic farming towns of West Tisbury, and enjoying the scenic panoramic vistas of Chilmark. Prepare to be captivated by Aquinnah's stunning multi-colored clay cliffs, punctuated with the impressive Gay Head Lighthouse. Here, you will have time to capture the beauty in photographs and stretch your legs. Continue to Edgartown, viewing the Greek Revival Architecture of sea captain’s homes along the way. Upon arrival, enjoy free time to explore and shop. As you return to the ship, you will visit the town of Oak Bluffs and see the lovely Gingerbread Houses of this unique Victorian-Era seaside town.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: No
    Discover Nantucket Island

    Be enchanted as you explore this quiet 19th-century island which still retains the character of the whaling era. This narrated exploration of the entire island will include its early history, including whaling stories of this popular spot, as well as a ride through the beautiful village of Siasconset known for its rose-covered cottages. 

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Yes
  • Day 50 Plymouth, MA
    Day 50 – Plymouth, MA

    Plymouth is a coastal town, and the site of the first Pilgrim settlement, founded in 1620. Plymouth Rock, a boulder in Pilgrim Memorial State Park, marks the place where settlers are thought to have landed on shore. The Mayflower II, a full-scale replica of the ship that carried the Pilgrims across the Atlantic, is usually anchored at the park.
    Plimoth Plantation

    Guided by museum educators, you will visit Plymouth Colony as it comes to life in the recreation of the early English Pilgrim settlement. You will be living history, not just watching a reenactment. Historical performers, portraying real people who lived in Plymouth Colony, will educate, and captivate you with stories of Mayflower's crossing, life among the Pokanoket and other native people, Pilgrim courtship, faith, politics and trade.

    Activity Level: Moderate | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Partial
    Historic Patuxet and Plymouth Colony

     A walking tour presented by Plimoth Patuxet Museums has been customized to connect your Plymouth experience to America's Founding Story. Visit Plymouth Rock, Cole's Hill and Massasoit's Statue; Leyden Street (original street of Plymouth Colony), Governor Bradford's statue, Brewster Gardens and Town Brook (water supply for the Pilgrims) and Town Square and Burial Hill (location of the Fort/Meeting House).

    Step aboard the historic Mayflower II. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Mayflower II is a full-scale replica of the 17th-century merchant ship that brought the Pilgrims in 1620.  Also, see and learn how corn was stone-ground in 1636 at the Plimoth Grist Mill. Then, enjoy taking home a piece of history with freshly made cornmeal available for purchase at one of the three retail stores along the waterfront. Stop at the mill to purchase Plimoth artisan products.  

    Activity Level: High | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Partial
    Plymouth Local Loop – Complimentary Excursion

     Enjoy a complimentary shuttle to enjoy stops in Plymouth at your leisure.

    Activity Level: Low | ADA ACCESSIBLE: Partial

    • Shoppes on Water Street - In 1920, for the 300th anniversary of the landing of the Mayflower, Water Street was converted from rows of factories to beautiful shops situated across from Plymouth Harbor. Shop for custom-made jewelry, unique gifts, local wines, and more.
    • Plymouth Rock Brewster Gardens - Visit Plymouth Rock, where the Mayflower Pilgrims were said to have stepped in 1620 to land in the New World. A short walk away is Brewster Gardens with beautiful sculptures along Town Brook where the Pilgrims settled in what was then called Patuxet.
    • Town Square - At the top of Town Square is the Mayflower Meetinghouse. Behind is Burial Hill and to the left is the 1649 Courthouse, a free museum filled with interesting items from Plymouth’s history. It is the oldest wooden Court House and the longest used municipal building in America.
    • Plimoth General Store - Plimoth General Store combines the charm and character of a time gone by. Explore all its nooks and crannies, which feature dining, fine provisions, specialty gifts, unique jewelry, and home goods.  To order goods ahead of time and have them delivered to the ship, refer to the flyer on the port information table or speak with your Excursions Director.
    • Pilgrim Hall Museum - See actual Pilgrim possessions and learn about the Wampanoags and the Pilgrims who participated in the Mayflower story through an exhibit and unique hand-made tapestry project.
    • National Monument to the Forefathers - Thought to be the largest solid granite monument in the U.S., this 81-foot-tall statue was built to honor the passengers of the Mayflower. Designed by Boston sculptor Hammatt Billings, the monument features allegorical figures depicting the virtues of Faith, Morality, Education, Law, and Liberty.
    • The Mayflower Society House - The Mayflower Society House was originally constructed in 1754 and enlarged in the 1890’s.  The house has a long a grand history, including being the home of the great-grandson of Mayflower passenger Edward Winslow; wedding venue of Ralph Waldo Emerson in the 1830’s; the summer home of the wealthy Willoughby family of retail fame; and was redesigned by famed architect Joseph Everett Chandler.  It is now the world headquarters of the Mayflower Society, and shows off a tremendous collection of 19th century architecture and artifacts.
  • Day 51 Boston, MA
    Day 51 – Boston, MA

    Welcome back to the historic city of Boston, best known for its famous baked beans, Fenway Park, The Boston Marathon, and the bar from the '80s sitcom Cheers. Let us help you to plan your journey home, or stay to explore this vibrant city further.
    Explore More in Boston

    Why not stay a day or two more to visit Boston’s many fine museums, as well as the New England Aquarium? You may also choose to walk the popular Freedom Trail which includes historic landmarks such as the Bunker Hill Monument, the Old North Church, and Paul Revere’s house.


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