American Revolution Cruise

Travel back to the dawn of America, on our brand new 11-day American Revolution cruise. Explore the quaint towns and historic cities that have shaped our nation, including Colonial Williamsburg, a living history museum with period-specific tradespeople, shopkeepers, and political figures.

Step onto the last battlefield of the Revolutionary War in Yorktown and travel to Jamestown, the site of the first English settlement in the New World. Explore our Nation’s capital, the Smithsonian exhibitions, and the area's many historic monuments, before visiting Mount Vernon, George Washington’s iconic 18th-century home.

In Annapolis, take a guided city tour and visit the homes of the Founding Fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence. On board and on shore, Revolutionary War experts, authors, and re-enactors join us to bring our nation’s history to life.

This spring, experience our Cherry Blossom Theme Cruise and admire the beautiful floral display that adorns our nation's capital. Click the Themes Tab above to learn more.

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Cruise Itinerary

Ports of Call
Baltimore, MD
Norfolk, VA
Williamsburg, VA
Yorktown, VA
Washington, D.C.
Mount Vernon, VA
Day of Cruising Along the Potomac River
Cambridge, MD
St. Michaels, MD
Annapolis, MD
Baltimore, MD

American Revolution Cruise

On this historic 11- day cruise along the Chesapeake Bay, explore monumental battlefields, authentic Colonial period homes, and charming seaside villages. Along the way, travel in pure comfort on board the brand new American Constitution and enjoy the scenic passing landscapes from your private furnished balcony.

Ports of Call

  • Baltimore, MD
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Norfolk, VA
  • Williamsburg, VA
  • Yorktown, VA
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Mount Vernon, VA
  • Cambridge, MD
  • St. Michaels, MD
  • Annapolis, MD
  • Baltimore, MD

Day by Day

Daily excursions subject to change.

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Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Four Seasons Signature Pre-Cruise Package

For those guests who wish to start their cruise in style, we are offering a Signature Pre-Cruise Package at the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore. Located at the edge of Baltimore’s Harbor East, enjoy a 1-night stay at this 5-star hotel, within walking distance to the waterfront, top restaurants, and popular attractions.

On the morning of your cruise, enjoy breakfast at the Four Seasons, followed by our Baltimore City Exploration shore excursion which concludes at the ship. Explore the world-famous Inner Harbor, historic neighborhoods, and the areas most noted landmarks such as the Star-Spangled Banner waving over Fort McHenry. 

Pre-Cruise Packages must be reserved at least 30 days before your cruise date. Please call (800) 460-4518 for pricing and availability.

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Day 1
Baltimore, MD

Start your journey in Baltimore, a great maritime city, alive with excitement, Colonial history, and a busy harbor scene. Explore the decks of legendary ships and the cobblestone streets of the charming waterfront Inner Harbor. Cruise past Fort McHenry, where the battle that inspired Francis Scott Key‘s " Star-Spangled Banner" was fought.

Day by Day Thumbnail

Day 2
Norfolk, VA

Located at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, Norfolk has enjoyed a dramatic history dating back to 1607, when British settlers first arrived on American shores. Today, the city embraces its colorful past while thriving as a modern metropolis. Tall schooners share the surrounding waters with naval vessels and oystermen. Enjoy tours of historic districts, museums, restored homes, and the Norfolk Naval Station.


Military Aviation Museum

Visit one of Virginia Beach’s most revered attractions, the Military Aviation Museum, home to one of the largest private collections of World War II and Korean War era fighters, bombers, trainers, and seaplanes in the world. Many aircraft have been fully restored to their World War II condition and are used for flight demonstration, movie production, or television commercials. Enjoy a guided exploration of the galleries, as well as shopping in the gift shop stocked with all things flight-related.


Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Museum

Visit the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Museum and experience a unique journey through Virginia’s marine environment. Explore a variety of exhibits which include a shorebird aviary featuring local bird species, jellyfish, octopus, and sea turtle aquariums, and an ocean aquarium housing sharks, stingrays, and other large ocean fish. Learn how diverse environments from Virginia’s past compare to similar environments still in existence today. Enjoy a movie on the six-story high screen in the IMAX 3-D theater.

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Naval Station & MacArthur Memorial Excursion

Norfolk is home to the largest Naval Station in the world with its beginnings closely tied to the U.S. entry into World War I. Today, Naval Station Norfolk is the hub of the U.S. Navy's Atlantic Fleet, and home port to dozens of ships, submarines, aircraft, and more. Led by our expert guide, witness aircraft carriers, destroyers, amphibious assault ships, and learn about the fascinating history of the Naval Base. The tour will also stop at the MacArthur Memorial, a memorial celebrating Army General Douglas MacArthur, one of the most controversial figures in American history.

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Wright Brothers National Memorial

Learn about the history, legends, and lore of the Outer Banks as you travel to the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kitty Hawk, NC. Enjoy an introduction by a park ranger and learn about the fascinating history of aviation that took place at this site. After the introduction, tour the Visitor Center where the Wright brothers' story is told through exhibits and reproductions. You may also climb Big Kill Devil Hill for a breathtaking view of the area from sound to sea.

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Old Cape Henry Lighthouse & Botanical Gardens Exploration

Explore Virginia Beach on a relaxing riding tour. This guided bus tour includes stops at the Old Cape Henry Lighthouse as well as the breathtaking Norfolk Botanical Gardens, which are made up of 155 beautiful acres intertwined by bridges, coastal waterways, and 12 miles of pedestrian trails.

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Day 3
Williamsburg, VA

Colonial Williamsburg is the restored 18th-century capital of Britain's largest empire outpost in the New World. Once the political and economic center of the Virginia Colony, today it is the world's premier living history site. Led by our expert guides, stroll along its narrow streets, nearly unchanged since the days of the first English Colonists.

Small ship cruise to Colonial Willimasburg

Colonial Williamsburg

History comes alive at Colonial Williamsburg. As you stroll along its street witness many original 18th-century buildings, as well as those reconstructed to their 18th-century aesthetic. Interact with tradespeople who use real period tools and techniques, many of which have been around since the beginning of our civilization. These skilled men and women are true apprentices, journeymen, and masters, continuing to perfect their skills with the hammer, needle, or plow.

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Day 4
Yorktown, VA

Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown make up what is known as the "Historic Triangle." Explore the port of Yorktown which was the site of the final battle of the American Revolution. Travel back in time at Jamestown Settlement, a museum of 17th-century American history which tells the story of America's first permanent English colony settled in 1607.

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Historic Yorktown Trolley - Complimentary Excursion

The River Walk Landing welcomes you to historic Yorktown. Enjoy complimentary trolley transportation throughout Yorktown with stops at the battlefields, historic buildings, and unique boutiques. Stroll the waterfront, dine at a historic restaurant, and admire the 18th-century architecture of a place known for its current charm and its storied past.

Ships in Historic Jamestown

Jamestown Settlement

Near the site of the original colony, Jamestown Settlement tells the story of 17th-century Virginia and America’s first permanent English colony. Led by a local expert guide, explore re-creations of the three ships that sailed from England to Virginia in 1607, as well life-size re-creations of the colonists’ fort and a Powhatan village. Along the way, costumed historical interpreters describe and demonstrate daily life in early 17th-century Jamestown.

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Day 5
Washington, D.C.

Washington, DC is our nation’s capital located on the Potomac River, and bordering the states of Maryland and Virginia. It is characterized by neoclassic monuments and iconic buildings, including the U.S. Capitol, White House, and Supreme Court. It is also home to the Smithsonian Museums and performing-arts venues such as the Kennedy Center.


Discover DC – Complimentary Excursion

Enjoy a ride through Washington DC as your expert guide provides narration along the way. View the White House, the Capitol Building, The Washington Monument, and the buildings along The National Mall.

Stop at the WWII Memorial which honors all those who served, those who died, and all who supported the war effort from home. Next visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and view the list of names of the more than 58,000 Americans who gave their lives. At the Korean War Memorial, view 19 life-like steel statues that represent the different branches of the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines. Explore the Lincoln Memorial where our 16th U.S. President sits immortalized in marble as an enduring symbol of unity, strength, and wisdom.


DC Monuments Walking Excursion

On this guided walking excursion, visit 3 important monuments. Modeled after the Pantheon of Rome, The Thomas Jefferson Memorial, honors our third president, who was a statesman, architect, drafter of the Declaration of Independence, adviser of the Constitution, and founder of the University of Virginia. Explore the four outdoor rooms of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial, each representing one of his terms in office. Also featured are bronze sculptures of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, the president, and his canine companion. At the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, view an impressive 30-foot sculpture created in the likeness of the man who was a prominent figure of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement and a tireless advocate for racial equality, working classes, and the oppressed around the world.


Arlington Cemetery

The Arlington Cemetery is the final resting place for more than 400,000 active duty service members, veterans, and their families. An enduring tribute to those who have dedicated their lives defending the ideals of our nation, it is a place to remember all those who served and to gain a sense of their sacrifice. Witness the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and see where John F. Kennedy and his family are buried in the Kennedy Family Gravesite.

Smithsonian Museums Tour

Smithsonian Museum Madness - Complimentary Excursion

Explore a variety of Smithsonian Museums at your leisure and at your own pace. This convenient shuttle will loop around the National Mall with stops every 15 minutes. An expert guide will be on board to provide commentary and answer any questions you may have. Stops include Smithsonian Castle, Freer Gallery of Art, the Hirshhorn Museum, the National Air & Space Museum, National Museum of the American Indian, National Galleries of Art, National Museum of American History and the National Museum of Natural History.

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Day 6
Mount Vernon, VA

Mount Vernon is an American landmark and an enduring tribute to our nation’s first President. Originally a one and one-half story house built by his father in 1735, President Washington acquired Mount Vernon in 1754, and over the next 45 years slowly enlarged the home to create the magnificent 21-room residence we see today. George Washington personally supervised each renovation and advised on design, construction, decoration, and landscaping—even during the Revolutionary War.

Small ship cruise to Mount Vernon

George Washington's Estate

Situated along the Potomac River, just a few miles from Washington, DC, Mount Vernon is considered the most popular historic estate in the United States. Enjoy a guided tour of the mansion, depicted as it was in 1799, one year before Washington’s death. At the conclusion of the tour, you will have the opportunity for self-guided exploration, at which time you can explore Washington’s Tomb, the inspirational Salve Memorial, lush gardens, and other exhibits located on the estate.

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Day 7
Day of Cruising Along the Potomac River

Spend the day cruising one of America’s most historic waterways in the delightful comfort of American Constitution. As you travel, learn about the culture and history of the region from our onboard experts, relax on your private balcony, or fly a kite on the top deck. In the evening, share in the company of fellow cruisers while listening to some of the area’s finest entertainment.

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Day 8
Cambridge, MD

Cambridge is an authentic Chesapeake town known for its rich history, beautiful buildings, and vibrant arts scene. Sail on an authentic skipjack or visit the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge and witness the diverse wildlife and shorebirds that inhabit the area.


Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center

The Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center immerses visitors in Tubman’s world through informative, evocative, and emotive exhibits. The many captivating displays illustrate how the Choptank River region shaped her early years and the importance she held for faith, family, and community. The exhibits also feature information about Tubman’s life beginning with her childhood in Maryland, her emancipation from slavery, her time as a conductor on the Underground Railroad, and her continuous advocacy for justice.


Choptank River Lighthouse - Complimentary Excursion

Take a short walk to visit the Choptank River Lighthouse. The lighthouse keeper will greet you upon arrival and speak about the history of this lighthouse, a replica of a historic lighthouse that once guided mariners along the Choptank River. Also featured is a mini-museum for you to explore.

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Skipjack Nathan

Since the 1880s, skipjacks - a type of sailboat developed for oyster dredging - have sailed the Chesapeake Bay. There once were as many as 800 of these vessels, but fewer than two dozen of the original dredge boats remain today. Of these, only a handful still dredge for oysters, the last remnant of America's surviving commercial sailing fleet. Visit the skipjack Nathan for a unique opportunity to experience your own skipjack journey on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Sail on the scenic Choptank River, help raise her sails, or take a turn at the helm.

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Day 9
St. Michaels, MD

Stroll along the waterfront of St. Michaels, or peruse the charming gift shops and boutiques on tree-lined Talbot Street. Dock at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, once a famed shipbuilding village, and now dedicated to preserving and exploring the history, environment, and people of the Chesapeake Bay.

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum - Complimentary

This 18-acre waterfront museum is dedicated to furthering the understanding of the maritime heritage of the Chesapeake Bay area. Featured are 10 exhibit buildings, a historic lighthouse, and a working boatyard. Docking right in the heart of the museum, American Cruise Lines’ passengers will enjoy a private tour of this fascinating site.

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Day 10
Annapolis, MD

The state capital of Maryland, Annapolis was founded in 1649, served briefly as the nation's capital in 1783, and boasts more 18th-century brick buildings than any other city in the country. Travel through the charming historic streets of the 1690s, while your guide introduces you to 350 years of Annapolis' living history, architecture, and folklore. Along the way, visit three of the homes once belonging to the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Annapolis City Tour

Annapolis City & Statehouse Experience

Chosen by National Geographic Adventure magazine as one of the country’s “Top Waterfront Towns,” Annapolis is a city steeped in history and maritime culture. Visit homes of the signers of the Declaration of Independence as well as the Statehouse where the Treaty of Paris was ratified in 1784, officially ending the Revolutionary War.

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U.S. Naval Academy Excursion

The first U.S. Navy ships were launched in 1797 and were aptly named the United States, the Constellation, and the Constitution. In 1825, President John Quincy Adams advised Congress to establish a Naval Academy in order to adequately prepare officers for service. Twenty years later, in 1845, the Naval Academy was formed by George Bancroft, Secretary of the Navy, with a class of 50 midshipmen and seven professors. Explore the Academy's historic grounds with our expert guide and experience "life on the yard." Witness the noon meal formation and take in breathtaking views of the campus.

Please Note: Passengers will need a Photo ID in order to participate in this excursion.

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Day 11
Baltimore, MD

Your historic journey ends where it began, in the vibrant city of Baltimore. If you choose to extend your stay, a number of great excursions are available, including the Baltimore Aquarium and Civil War Museum. Feel free to call an American Cruise Lines specialist to assist you with your travel arrangements.


This 11-day voyage through the Chesapeake Bay is an exploration of the nation’s rich Colonial and maritime history. Delight in the sights, sounds, and tastes you will experience on this incredible journey.

Your Cruise Includes

American Constitution

American Cruise Lines is proud to announce the newest addition to our expanding fleet of small cruise ships, the American Constitution. Designed with elegance in mind, this brand new coastal cruise ship will carry a capacity of just 175 guests and is uniquely designed to navigate the inland coastal waterways of the East Coast.

In the intimate atmosphere on board, guests will find the largest staterooms in the industry, spacious lounges, as well as observation decks and private balconies that offer spectacular views of the passing landscapes.

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Owner's Suite (Private Balcony)


At up to 450 sq. ft., the American Constitution Owner's Suites are both spacious and elegantly appointed. Located on a private deck, each secluded suite offers our distinguished travelers amazing views from the private walk-out balcony. The well-furnished suites come fully equipped and offer a sitting area, writer’s desk, sliding glass door, and full-size bathroom.

Veranda Suite (Private Balcony)


With a generous up to 450 sq. ft. of relaxing space, each Veranda suite includes a private walk-out balcony to enjoy the panoramic views. Considered one of the finest staterooms on any cruise ship, guests will enjoy full-size bathrooms and large living area with sliding glass door.

AAM (Private Balcony)


At 368 sq. ft., our AAM staterooms are designed to offer the privacy you desire while cruising. Located on the fourth deck, these spacious staterooms are elegantly furnished and feature floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors that lead to a private walk-out balcony where the grandness of the East Coast scenery can be enjoyed. 

AAC (Private Balcony)


Featuring the most modern amenities, our spacious AAC staterooms offer the perfect retreat for travelers. With over 350 sq. ft., each stateroom offers all of the comforts of a fine hotel and is configured to maximize the interior living space. These stateroom also feature full sliding glass doors and a private walk-out balcony which provides spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding scenery.

AAL (Private Balcony)


Our AAL staterooms offer all the comforts of home and amazing panoramic views. At 350 sq. ft. each room includes an interior entrance, expansive private walk-out balcony, and a large sitting area. These staterooms are the perfect sanctuary to relax in after a day of exploration.



Centrally located, these 302 sq. ft. staterooms offer amazing views and easy access to the lounge areas. You will enjoy the expansive views out of your own large opening picture window. Each room comes equipped with a large closet and hotel-size bathrooms.

Single (Private Balcony)


Solo travelers will find relaxing comfort in our Single staterooms complete with a walk-out private balcony. Enjoy one of the largest Single staterooms in the industry at 238 sq. ft., featuring a comfortable twin bed, large sliding glass door, and spacious full-size bathrooms.



Find modern amenities and relaxing comfort in our 226 sq. ft. Single staterooms. With a large picture window, twin beds and sizable bathrooms, these Single staterooms are perfect for solo travelers.

American Constitution Deck Plan


Crabfest Cruise

Cruise the scenic Chesapeake Bay and delight your palate with fresh seafood from the "Blue Crab Capital of the World." On our 11-day American Revolution Crabfest cruise, sample tasty blue crab, as you learn about the culinary and economic importance of these Callinectes sapidus, or "beautiful swimmers."

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Colonial Christmas Cruise

American Cruise Lines is pleased to announce a brand new Colonial Christmas cruise aboard our newest ship, American Constitution. Roundtrip from Baltimore, this festive 11-day cruise will highlight both Christmas and New Year’s on our American Revolution itinerary along the Chesapeake Bay.

Experience the magic of the season as you explore the quaint towns and historic cities that shaped this great nation. Take part in a Holiday Gift Exchange with fellow guests and enjoy holiday music, caroling, and cookies.
Ring in the New Year with a special New Year's Eve Gala, featuring live entertainment and midnight toast. All along the way, delight holiday-inspired excursions and exquisite cuisine, prepared by our team of master chefs. Guests are invited to a complimentary night on board American Constitution the evening before the cruise begins, and will be treated to a special welcoming reception and dinner.

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Eagle Society Cruise

Explore early America on an 11-day cruise that brings you to iconic destinations such as Norfolk, Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown. Cruise through the beautiful waters of Chesapeake Bay and visit quaint towns including Chestertown, Cambridge, and St. Michaels. Enjoy stops along the Potomac River in Washington, DC and President Washington’s, Mount Vernon. Eagle Society members will be treated to an exclusive reception held at one of the exciting ports of call.

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Cherry Blossom Cruise

On the 11-day Cherry Blossom theme cruise round-trip from Baltimore, admire the beautiful floral display that adorns our nation’s capital every spring. As you stroll along West Potomac Park and the Washington Monument grounds, admire the many cherry blossom trees which embellish the landscape.

Along your journey on the brand new American Revolution itinerary, visit the most historically significant ports along the Chesapeake Bay including Norfolk, Williamsburg, Annapolis, Washington DC, and Mount Vernon. On board and on shore, enjoy the company of Revolutionary War experts, authors, and re-enactors who bring history to life.

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