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7 Reasons Why All Seniors Need To Book A Cruise With American Cruise Lines

As an avid traveler, I always enjoyed seeking out the next adventure. But now that I'm getting older, my cruise preferences are changing. So, I started looking for ways people my age can travel. What I discovered is a small ship river cruise company called American Cruise Lines.  My husband and I recently cruised with them and were beyond impressed. Here are 7 reasons why all seniors need to book a cruise with American Cruise Lines.

1. Smaller Cruise Ships 

American Cruise Lines features smaller ships that have 180 guests or fewer, and are exceptionally clean with plenty of personal space available. I really enjoyed the intimacy of the small ship and being able to get to know many of the guests. Also, there was no need to wait in lines or make reservations for dinner, as everyone can fit in the dining room at the same time. What was really special was that we could pull right up to the heart of the city, into places large ocean cruise ships can’t.

2. Onshore Excursions

Every day we’d get to see a different and amazing part of our country. And because we only explored in small tour groups, the experience felt very personalized with plenty of opportunity to ask guides questions and get the most out of it. Excursions were definitely designed with seniors in mind. The required activity level for each was clearly marked: Low, Moderate, or High, with ADA information, so it was easy to decide whether or not to take part in the cruise excursions.

3. Relaxed Environment

With American Cruise Lines, we never felt hurried, and could do as much or as little as we wanted on any given day. There were always activities on board during the day if you didn’t feel like going ashore and plenty of spacious lounges to relax in. The all-American crew members were professional, compassionate, and enthusiastic and went above and beyond to make our cruise the best experience possible. But what I loved the most was the camaraderie among the guests and crew that made it feel like we were traveling with close friends & family.  

4. Tailored For Seniors

We enjoyed the smaller cruise with no crowds or kids running around. We loved interacting with other passengers, most of whom were retired like us. A lot of the other cruise lines have pools, casinos, DJs, and other loud events going on at all hours. This is not the case with American Cruise Lines. Every aspect of this cruise is designed specifically with comfort in mind. Their cruise ships even have the largest staterooms in the industry and each room comes complete with your own private balcony.

5. Itineraries Are Close To Home

Unlike ocean cruises, riverboats are designed to be incredibly smooth journeys, with land always in sight. My husband has always been resistant to the idea of cruising on the open ocean. But when I informed him that the average depth of the Mississippi River was only between 9-12 feet deep and how extremely unlikely it is for someone to get seasick, he reluctantly agreed to give this cruise a try. Before, he used to talk about how he didn't want to leave the country and be without American healthcare & pharmacies for a whole week. Now, river cruising with American Cruise Lines is the only vacation he wants to go on. Additionally, since almost all of ACL's cruises are in the United States, there is no need for a passport or waiting in those long lines at customs.

6. Innovative Enrichment Programs

The guest speakers on board were so friendly and knowledgeable. As an American History buff, the evening lectures were some of my favorite moments. I also really enjoyed how they tailored the daily entertainment and food around that day’s port stop. You really feel a part of the local region’s culture. 

7. All Inclusive

Cruises with American Cruise Lines may look expensive at first glance. However, what sets American Cruise Lines apart is that this price is all-inclusive. Just pay once and everything is included, even gratuities. You won't need to break out your wallet multiple times per day. Every night, there is a complimentary cocktail hour with hors d'oeuvres, as well as delicious dinner selections. Many itineraries offer 1 complimentary excursion in each port. They also take care of your hotel and airfare on select itineraries to make the planning portion of the vacation super easy.

Senior Cruising With American Cruise Lines

If you are over the age of 60 and love cruising and travel, this is a must try! The crew will make you feel as if you’re the most important person they have ever met. The small ship itself is spacious and comfortable, never crowded. Personalized, guided excursions give real insight into the culture and history of every port visited. These trips are truly unforgettable and I plan on doing another trip with ACL every year.

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