Safely Resuming Operations

American Cruise Lines is committed to the safety of our guests, crew, and community partners. We have formulated these Operating Protocols by working with local, state, and federal officials. While they cannot eliminate risk, they are designed to mitigate it and enhance safety onboard.

Cruises are currently scheduled to resume in March 2021 at a reduced capacity. We are regularly communicating with all guests to provide updates as new information becomes available. If a cruise is unable to operate, booked guests will have the option to receive a refund of the amounts paid or to be issued Cruise Vouchers, which can be used towards a future cruise. For reservations using Cruise Vouchers, please click here

American Cruise Lines will require a negative COVID-19 test result for all guests and crew members boarding its ships. This includes the requirement for guests to test on their own prior to traveling to the ship. A certified Medical Officer will be aboard each ship to conduct a brief pre-boarding health screening of each guest. In addition, masks are to be worn during the cruise in compliance with the Executive Order on Promoting COVID-19 Safety in Domestic and International Travel.   

We look forward to being back on the water with you. Please contact a Cruise Specialist at 1-800-460-4518 with any questions.

Preparing to Travel and Boarding

Guests are asked to minimize contact with others/self-quarantine prior to travel and must take a COVID-19 test within 4 days of the start of their cruise package. Only PCR or molecular test results will be accepted. Guests are asked to submit their test result to American Cruise Lines at and present the result at the time of boarding.

Guests will also be asked to submit a basic pre-travel health questionnaire regarding their recent travel history, general wellness, and whether or not they have been vaccinated.

On arrival to the ship (or pre-cruise hotel, if applicable) guests will meet with the ship’s certified Medical Officer who will review the test results and will conduct a brief health evaluation. An additional COVID-19 test will be required, utilizing the shipboard medical facility, if the Medical Officer determines it is necessary. 

Pre-boarding testing requirements do not negate the need for mask-wearing, daily health checks, or possible additional COVID-19 tests during the cruise.  

Guests are strongly encouraged to get a COVID-19 vaccine prior to travel. Guests with a vaccine must comply with all the requirements of the American Cruise Lines Operating Protocol, including for testing and mask-wearing. 

American Cruise Lines takes great pride in small, modern ships with spacious staterooms and the latest technology for safety and comfort. Many of these attributes have been leveraged in our operating plan to provide a safe environment on board. 

Ship capacities have been reduced to provide approximately 450 square feet of space per guest to ensure social distancing in all shipboard activities. Each ship will operate at a maximum guest capacity of 75% through the spring.

Each ship is also fitted with certain technologies or equipment to ensure a clean environment. Most importantly, each ship has a completely independent HVAC system with no shared ducting between rooms or public spaces. By isolating HVAC equipment, we can greatly reduce the risk of spreading germs through multiple spaces on the ship.

We have taken care to enhance cleanliness and reduce the number of required touchpoints aboard each ship. This includes the implementation of a touch-free boarding and check-in process. The vessel will be completely cleaned between cruises with additional sanitation rounds conducted hourly.

American Cruise Lines has partnered with Vikand Solutions to provide a shipboard certified Medical Officer on each ship and various medical services, including COVID-19 testing. Vikand is a leading global provider of medical services to the maritime industry. In addition to providing services onboard, Vikand has worked with us and each port of call to reduce risk and ensure capable care in any situation. 

A dedicated space will be provided on each ship for a medical consulting and will be equipped with a Quidel Sofia 2 COVID-19 testing machine. In addition, an allotment of staterooms aboard each ship will be kept sanitized and unoccupied unless they become necessary for isolation purposes.

Working with Vikand, ports of call, and local and state agencies, we have formulated an Outbreak Management Plan to respond to a confirmed COVID-19 case onboard. We have coordinated with a shoreside medical facility in every port of call, should hospitalization become necessary.

PPE will available to guests and crew at all times. This includes sanitizer and facemasks.

American Cruise Lines has always taken great care to provide a carefully planned, personalized experience ashore. With small ship capacities, and even small excursion groups, shore excursions will be able to continue in an enjoyable manner. 

Every shore excursion venue has been screened for social distancing capability and sanitation practices. In most cases, only minor edits to planned excursions were needed ensure that social distancing could be maintained.

While always small, shore excursions will be conducted in even smaller groups to enable social distancing. The exact group size is determined by the ability of each venue to ensure distancing practices and safe exploration.

Each group will have private transportation directly to and from each venue. Coaches will operate at reduced capacity and will be sanitized before every boarding.

The Covid-19 Operating Protocol is subject to review and change at any time. As the situation evolves, operating practices must be adapted; this includes the potential for cruise suspension. These practices do not eliminate the risk. Rather, they are designed to reduce risk and slow the spread of illness by removing known transmission sources, increasing awareness, and speeding response time.