Committed to Safe and Healthy Travel

American Cruise Lines’ health and safety protocols combined with our state and local partnerships enable us to provide safe travel experiences in more than 35 states across America. Our fleet of domestic ships travel U.S. waterways and only visit U.S. ports with ready access to medical and emergency services at each port of call.

Health and safety protocols include guest and crew wellbeing onboard and ashore. This includes policies specific to the identification and mitigation of COVID-19.

American Cruise Lines’ policies are subject to change and may be adapted to state or local regulations in each area. We are in direct contact with guests to clearly communicate any unique requirements in advance of departure.

State and Local Partnerships

American Cruise Lines has deep operating experience along the rivers and coasts of the U.S. All American Cruise Lines ships are registered in the U.S. and visit only domestic ports of call. We do not leave sight of land and do not clear customs or immigrate into the U.S. to dock our ships.

We have relationships with law enforcement agencies, local transportation companies, and medical service providers that put emergency services within close reach of our ships, whether underway or in port.

Onboard Medical Care

Each ship carries a first responder. These individuals can identify and stabilize a situation for transport ashore. If medical treatment beyond the capability of the crew is required, shipboard personnel will arrange transportation and remain in contact with the patient.

Cleaning and Sanitation

American Cruise Lines has regular sanitation schedules for all public spaces, with particular emphasis on high-touch areas. Hand sanitizer is available in multiple areas throughout the ship and at the gangway. Cleaning and sanitation policies are designed to limit the spread of germs. Masks and gloves are available to guests and crew upon request.

Small by Design

American Cruise Lines ships offer modern designs that mitigate risk. Smaller ships with a lower density have an inherently lower outbreak risk. Each ship carries fewer than 190 guests and offers a low density environment to reduce both the likelihood of a close contact situation and the total number of possible contacts.

Each stateroom has an independent HVAC system and there is no shared ducting between rooms. All rooms have either an opening window or balcony door for ready access to fresh air.

American Cruise Lines health and safety protocols are subject to change at any time, including with very limited advance notice. This includes region specific changes to comply with state or local requirements.