Four Reasons To Cruise The Mississippi River

There are more than five hundred reasons to explore the Mighty Mississippi with American Cruise Lines, but here are some of our favorite parts about this region.


The culture along the Mississippi reflects a melting pot of French, African, and hometown Americana influences. Look no further than New Orleans, where guests can celebrate Mardi Gras and the vibrant nightlife, or Natchez, the oldest established city along the Mississippi River. Each stop offers a unique style and comfort of southern life that you read about in storybooks and see on the big screens. Be treated to a healthy helping of southern hospitality and charm at every port.


The history of the south is full of tragedy and injustice, as well as triumph and strength. Guests along our Mississippi River cruises will relive Civil War battlefields in Vicksburg, hear the stories of heroism at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, and see the architecture and beauty of antebellum homes.

Historical fiction is also a highlight of our Mississippi adventures. More than a century following Twain's "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer," guests can still visit Twain's boyhood home in Hannibal, MO on our Upper Mississippi River Cruises.

Wildlife & Nature

The Pacific Northwest gets most of the nature credit from American Cruise Lines' guests, but you should not underestimate the beautiful surroundings of a Mississippi River Cruise. Visit the National Eagle Center in Red Wing, MN, to see gorgeous bald eagles, or witness wildlife at the Lewis & Clark Experience in St. Louis. Along your river cruise, you'll also see forests, incredible pelicans and herons, as well as serene nature views from your private balcony.


Guests will spend much of their Mississippi River Cruises tapping their toes. The birthplaces of jazz, rock'n'roll, and the blues are key highlights along your journey. Guests can visit Graceland and Elvis's home in Memphis and hear the country music of legends at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Along the way, American Cruise Lines hosts onboard entertainment to bring the region to life truly.

What are you waiting for? Come explore the Mississippi River with us.