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Embark on an unforgettable journey along the Upper Mississippi River, where every bend in this majestic waterway unveils quaint Americana and awe-inspiring scenery. From the comfort of your private balcony, gaze upon stretches of pristine countryside adorned with pelicans, soaring eagles, and blue herons. Weave through picturesque islands and be amazed at the engineering marvels of dams and navigation locks. Customize your exploration as you choose from more than 30 different excursions that cater to various interests. Let’s highlight just a few:


Iconic Sites and History

Explore the St. Louis Gateway Arch and its incredible underground National Park Service Museum. Just north of St. Louis, at the Lewis & Clark State Historic Site, is a marvelous museum dedicated to the planning and journey of the two explorers and their Corps of Discovery. Another highlight is a visit to the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium in Dubuque, Iowa, a Smithsonian Affiliate that shares stories of the river’s rich history and amazing environment.

Mark Twain Insights

A stop at Hannibal, Missouri focuses on the town’s most famous resident. The Mark Twain Boyhood Home & Museum is conveniently located just a block from our dock and shares insights into his life and career. You can also enjoy a memorable guided walk through the town with local resident and renowned Mark Twain impersonator Richard Garey.

Movie Memories

Travel to the iconic movie site of the film, Field of Dreams, where the famous quote, "If you build it, he will come," became legendary. Explore the baseball field, step onto the magical cornfield, all centered around the iconic farmhouse from the Oscar-nominated movie. Of course, you’ll have a chance to visit the gift shop for unique movie memorabilia.


Agricultural Exploration

Discover the innovations that transformed American farming at the John Deere Pavilion. Interact with new and vintage equipment as you learn about the fascinating history of John Deere's impact on the nation.

Active Adventure

On the Black Bird Slough Paddling excursion, you can navigate the quiet side channels of the Mississippi River in a kayak or canoe to enjoy breathtaking scenery and bird life.

Scenery and Wildlife:

Delve deeper into the mystical backwaters of the Mississippi River with the Winona Boat Exploration or the La Crosse Queen Paddlewheel Cruise. Venture out with knowledgeable local captains to explore the scenery and enjoy opportunities for viewing the abundance of birds that use the river as their transportation corridor. To learn more about the region’s bald eagles and view them up close, visit the National Eagle Center with their wonderful bird rehabilitation and educational programs.

Embark on a cruise that goes beyond the ordinary, offering a rich blend of history, adventure, and natural beauty along the Upper Mississippi River. You can also view the rest of our Mississippi River Cruise itineraries on the main cruise page. Call your Cruise Specialist today at 800-460-4518 to book your cruise now and create memories that will last a lifetime.