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American Cruise Lines features a variety of onboard experts and entertainers throughout the season. But did you know, some are married couples who not only travel together with us, but also present and perform as a team?

Below are some of our guests’ favorite onboard expert couples.

Bill Wiemuth & Laura Sable

This duo, and Eagle Society Ambassadors, have traveled with American Cruise Lines for the past eight years as guest lecturers and entertainers on cruises along the Mississippi River region, the Columbia and Snake Rivers, as well as Alaska’s Inside Passage.

As onboard experts, they share their knowledge of each area in a vibrant and unique way. Bill and Laura also entertain guests with an exciting and diverse musical repertoire. Bill accompanies lead vocalist Laura with harmonies and array of instruments ranging from piano to guitar to banjo.

Robert & Stephanie Yonskie

For the past five years, Robert Yonskie has been an onboard speaker and performer for American Cruise Lines. Along his side is his wife, Stephanie. They entertain our guests on a variety of American Cruise Lines itineraries around the country including our cruises along the Chesapeake Bay and the Hudson River

Robert acts as the onboard historian and ecologist during the day, Stephanie as the arts and crafts teacher. In the evening, they perform a variety of musical genres together, including contemporary selections and songs from Broadway musicals.  

Mark and Donna Groom

Mark and Donna Groom have entertained American Cruise Lines’ guests on the Lower Mississippi River, Ohio River, and Historic South & Golden Isles itineraries since 2016.  
The duo has a diverse repertoire, spanning the decades with a variety of pop, rock, jazz, and country music. Donna, pianist and vocalist, and Mark, drummer extraordinaire and vocalist, enjoy engaging with guests to help create a most wonderful travel experience.

Call a Cruise Specialist today at 800-460-4518 to find out how you can join these engaging onboard experts in the season ahead.