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Vicksburg, Mississippi, is a city with a significant historical background, particularly known for the crucial Civil War Siege of Vicksburg, which dramatically shifted the course of the war. Located along the Mississippi River, it plays an important role in commerce and navigation, contributing to its economic importance. To celebrate its historical influence, the city boasts a variety of museums, monuments, and old homes. Vicksburg National Military Park is a notable destination within the city, offering exhibits and reenactments that give insights into its Civil War history. 

Port of Vicksburg Location

This port earned the nickname "The Key to the South" during the Civil War due to its strategic location on the Mississippi River. This position made it a vital transportation and communication hub, controlling access to the river. The city's capture by Union forces in 1863 was considered essential for gaining control of the Mississippi River, effectively splitting the Confederacy and proving to be a turning point in the war. We’ll dock conveniently for you to explore the city however you please. If you’d like to venture further from the port, we’ll help you get to where you want to go.

Must See Vicksburg Attractions 

The riverfront area creates a striking backdrop to this city, a reminder of where we have been and where we are going. Additional attractions include the Old Court House Museum, which showcases a diverse collection of artifacts and exhibits from the area's rich past and the Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum, featuring fascinating memorabilia from the history of Coca-Cola. Come with us as we uncover the history of this port city. We’ll dock at Vicksburg Riverfront Landing, ensuring you have easy access to all excursions and landmarks. Our motorcoaches will also transport you to certain locales to help you get around.

Vicksburg National Military Park

2.2 miles/ 7 minute drive

Vicksburg National Military Park is a captivating window into America's past, sprawling over 1,800 acres that once echoed with the clamor of Civil War battles. The park preserves the site of the Siege of Vicksburg, where you can explore over 1,340 monuments, restored gun emplacements, and trenches that tell the story of a pivotal conflict. The USS Cairo Museum is a highlight, showcasing a remarkably restored ironclad warship sunk during the war and raised from the depths of the Yazoo River. Guided tours and interactive reenactments bring history to life, allowing guests to experience the intensity and tactics of Civil War soldiers. Every trail and artifact invites exploration, making it an engaging experience for history buffs and casual visitors alike. After a short motorcoach ride, this excursion is included in your cruise.

USS Cairo Gunboat and Museum

2.2 miles/ 7 minute drive

The USS Cairo Gunboat and Museum in Vicksburg National Military Park presents a rare glimpse into Civil War naval history through its preservation of one of the first ironclad warships in U.S. naval history. The Cairo was sunk in 1862 in the Yazoo River and lay forgotten until it was raised in 1964, revealing a time capsule of life aboard a Union gunboat. You can marvel at the restored vessel itself, standing as a formidable testament to 19th-century engineering and military strategy. Inside the museum, an array of artifacts recovered from the Cairo are on display, including personal items of the crew, naval armaments, and the ship’s massive steam engines. Engaging exhibits detail the Cairo’s role in the river campaigns of the Civil War, its sinking by an electrically detonated mine, and the incredible salvage operation. This site not only educates about the technical and military aspects of the era but also tells a compelling story of innovation, warfare, and preservation.

Old Town

0.4 miles/ 2 minute drive

This historic district is renowned for its well-preserved architecture from the 19th century, with elegant facades and ornate details that captivate both history enthusiasts and casual observers. The streets are dotted with an eclectic mix of specialty shops offering everything from handmade crafts to antique treasures, making it a haven for shoppers looking for unique finds. For history buffs, the Attic Gallery offers a unique blend of art, antiques, and crafts in a historic setting, making it a must-visit for those who appreciate eclectic and vintage finds. Book lovers will enjoy Lorelei Books, an independent bookstore that hosts readings and signings with authors, providing a cozy retreat for literary enthusiasts. The Walnut Hills Restaurant is a local favorite, known for its traditional Southern cuisine served in a classic setting—think dishes like fried chicken and pecan pie. Lastly, for those looking to experience the local flavor in a more modern setting, Cottonwood Public House offers craft beers and wood-fired pizzas in a relaxed, contemporary environment. These establishments are pillars of the Old Town community, each adding to the vibrant tapestry that makes the district so inviting. A mere five minutes from the port, we’ll shuttle you so you can roam the streets as you please.

Old Depot Museum

0.1 miles/ 1 minute drive 

Across the street from the aforementioned Coca-Cola Museum, The Old Depot Museum is situated in a beautifully restored 1907 railroad depot, showcases a captivating array of exhibits that intertwine military and railroad history. The museum is home to an impressive collection of ship models, including those of gunboats and riverboats that were critical during the Civil War, providing insights into the naval strategies of the time. One of the highlights is a meticulously crafted diorama of the Vicksburg Battlefield, which spans 250 square feet and features over 2,300 miniature soldiers, offering a detailed and dynamic portrayal of the historic siege. Rail enthusiasts will be drawn to the extensive model railroad exhibit, which recreates the Vicksburg countryside and features operational trains navigating through historically accurate settings. Additionally, the museum houses a variety of railroad artifacts that illuminate the significant role rail transportation played in the region's development. Visitors to the Old Depot Museum will experience a compelling slice of history, where the narratives of river and rail vividly converge. To sweeten the pot, this landmark is one minute from port and admission here is free.

Biedenharn Coca–Cola Museum

0.2 miles/ 1 minute drive

A few blocks away, step into the fizzy history of America’s favorite soft drink. Whether you know it as pop or soda, celebrate a pivotal moment in beverage history—where Coca-Cola was first bottled in 1894. This charming museum is housed in the original Biedenharn candy store and soda fountain, a setting that transports visitors back to the late 19th century. Inside, you'll find a meticulously restored candy store and soda fountain, complete with vintage soda fountain equipment and fixtures, where you can experience the ambiance of a bygone era. The museum showcases an extensive collection of Coca-Cola memorabilia, including antique advertising signs, old bottles from various eras, and promotional items that trace the evolution of the iconic Coca-Cola brand. Interactive displays and historical documents provide insights into the bottling process that revolutionized the soft drink industry. A highlight for many visitors is the opportunity to taste Coca-Cola as it was originally made, using the same ingredients and methods from the early 1900s, offering a unique sip of history. For just $3.50 per adult ticket, this is an affordable stop in Vicksburg.

Cedar Grove Mansion

0.9 miles/ 3 minute drive

Built by John Alexander Klein in 1840, Cedar Grove stands as a magnificent example of Greek Revival architecture and was completed in 1852 after Klein and his wife Elizabeth sourced furnishings from Europe. The mansion, initially a family home for their ten children, played a significant role during the Civil War, serving as a field camp and later a military hospital, possibly spared due to familial connections with Union General William T. Sherman. Post-war, despite financial setbacks, John Klein developed the neighborhood further by constructing mansions for his children, contributing to what is now the Historic Garden District. The property remained in the Klein family until 1919, after which it changed hands several times, serving various roles including a backdrop for theater performances and later, a resort hotel. After undergoing renovations by new owners in 2022, the mansion reopened as The Inn at Cedar Grove, continuing its legacy as a historic icon now listed on the National Historic Register. Today, Cedar Grove not only celebrates its rich heritage but also invites guests to partake in its storied past as a luxurious inn. This stop is a three minute drive from port.

Jesse Brent Lower Mississippi River Museum

0.4 miles/ 2 minute drive

Nearby, this innovative museum features interactive exhibits that explore the river's dynamic ecosystem, its role in shaping the regional economy, and its influence on the culture and communities along its banks. One of the highlights is a full-scale replica of the M/V Mississippi IV, a retired towboat turned into a fascinating walk-through exhibit, allowing visitors to experience life on the river first-hand. The museum also features a simulated river control room, where visitors can learn about the engineering marvels used to navigate and control this mighty waterway. You might recognize of the portions of the river pointed out as you’ve cruised through its winding waters. Additionally, the museum’s aquariums provide a close-up view of the local aquatic life, enhancing understanding of the river's biodiversity. The Jesse Brent Lower Mississippi River Museum encapsulates the spirit and stories of the Mississippi River. Admission here is free, so make sure it’s a stop along your journey.

Vicksburg Civil War Museum

0.2 miles/ 1 minutes drive

The Vicksburg Civil War Museum is a captivating destination that delves deeply into one of the most tumultuous periods in American history. Located in the heart of a city that was a focal point during the Civil War, the museum is housed in a historically significant building, meticulously restored to reflect the era. Inside, the museum showcases an extensive array of artifacts, including original weaponry, uniforms worn by soldiers, and personal diaries that reveal the human side of the strife. One of the highlights is a detailed diorama of the Siege of Vicksburg, offering a miniature yet comprehensive view of the battlefield tactics and formations. Interactive exhibits allow visitors to engage directly with the history, including a simulation station where guests can experience the sounds and strategies of Civil War artillery. The museum also features rare photographs and documents, some of which are exclusive to this location, making it an invaluable resource for both historians and those with a keen interest in the saga of the Civil War. Visiting this spot will cost $10.00 per adult and is located one minute from port.

Old Courthouse Museum

0.4 miles/ 2 minute drive

The Old Courthouse Museum is not only a stunning example of architecture but also a repository of deep cultural significance. Built in 1858, this iconic structure has stood through pivotal moments in history, including the Civil War and the Siege of Vicksburg. Visitors to the museum can explore an extensive collection of Civil War artifacts. The museum also boasts an impressive array of items from Vicksburg's pre-war era, such as original 19th-century clothing, furniture, and historical documents that offer a glimpse into daily life during that period. Additionally, the museum features a dedicated exhibit to Jefferson Davis, including personal items and documents that have stood the test of time. A short two minutes from port, this museum stop cost $7.00 per adult and $6.00 for those over 65.

Enjoy the Vicksburg Port Stop

Vicksburg, Mississippi, offers a diverse array of attractions that reflect its deep historical roots and engaging community spirit. The Vicksburg National Military Park provides a comprehensive look at the famous Siege of Vicksburg with its detailed reenactments, the USS Cairo Museum, and an array of monuments. The charming district of Old Town Vicksburg features beautifully maintained 19th-century architecture and unique shops like Lorelei Books and the Attic Gallery, perfect for browsing and dining. The Old Courthouse Museum presents an extensive collection of Civil War artifacts and exhibits on Jefferson Davis, capturing the significant moments of the era. Additional highlights include the Jesse Brent Lower Mississippi River Museum, which offers interactive exhibits on the river's impact on the region, and the Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum, where visitors can explore the history of Coca-Cola. Each destination in Vicksburg is a gateway to understanding the city's pivotal historical events and local culture.

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