Onboard Music Entertainment

Let American Cruise Lines guide you through the origins and rich traditions of music on America’s legendary rivers and waterways. These shores are home to many celebrated styles of music including Country, Jazz, Blues, and Rock n’ Roll. On board and ashore, enjoy music inspired by each unique region and learn its impact on the development of music in America.



Ragtime and Jazz Pianist

Traditional Dixieland Jazz

New Orleans / Mississippi River Influence

Memphis Style Jazz



American Heartland Bluegrass

Memphis Blues

Mississippi Blues Choir

Banjo Country Classics


Rock and Rollregionally inspired

50’s & 60’s Rock n’ Roll

Great American Storybook

Doo Wop

Piano Hits

Musically Rich Destinations

Your musical entertainment doesn’t end on board; it perfectly harmonizes with the destinations we visit. Nashville, also known as “Music City” is home to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, the Grand Ole Opry, and the Johnny Cash Museum. Memphis is one of America's most renowned music towns and also home to the famous Sun Studios and Graceland mansion. It’s also the city that launched the careers of Elvis Presley, B.B. King, and many other legendary Country and Blues musicians. St. Louis is synonymous with the Blues, enough so that there is a specific style of the genre called “St. Louis Blues.” It’s also the birthplace of Miles Davis, Roosevelt Sykes, and Ike Turner.


Onboard Experts & Historians

American Cruise Lines carefully selects industry experts to join us on each of our cruises. Their informal presentations, open discussions, and activities bring local history, nature and culture to life through their knowledge and passion for American heritage. These specialists, naturalists, and historians also attend shore excursions to give our guests behind the scenes insight into some of America’s most treasured destinations.

Columbia & Snake Rivers

Our onboard experts share tales of characters who helped shape the history of America along the Columbia and Snake Rivers, from Lewis and Clark and their Corps of Discovery to Sacajawea and the legendary John Colter. Learn about the stunning eruption of Mount St. Helens and the leveling of the Columbia River as you transit its many lock and dam systems.

New England

Indulge in the rich maritime history and cultural treasures of New England, with the help of our onboard experts. Through engaging presentations onboard and ashore, learn about early exploration and the history of America’s birthplace from the first settlers to the present. Discover the plentiful marine wildlife, the amazing Maine lobster industry, and the region’s unique ecology and geology.

Mississippi River

As we cruise this legendary river, our experts will provide you with a deeper understanding of river history, culture, and lore. Learn about the Civil War as you walk the grounds on which it took place. Take part in discussions about the river’s role in the development of American music and discover how steamboats played a major part in America’s western expansion.


From Baltimore to Jacksonville, topics of our onboard experts include a blend of natural and human history. Learn about the underlying geology of the area, coastal culture and ecology, native wildlife, and maritime heritage, including the history of pirates. Discover why many destinations along the way were once winter retreats for America’s wealthiest families.

Puget Sound

Our onboard naturalists and historians bring meaning and relevance to each destination. Learn about the unique marine life and the incredible ecosystem of Washington's temperate rainforest, as well as the native art and culture of the region. As we cruise, listen to our onboard expert describe the native wildlife including whales, eagles, and seals from the sun deck.


Alaska holds some of the greatest scenery and wildlife on the planet. Seasoned Alaskan travelers, our onboard experts share their knowledge of the area in an entertaining and fun way. While cruising, discover fascinating facts on the region's flora, fauna, geology, and wildlife as well as the history of the native people.