World Class Cuisine

Our team of Master Chefs takes great pride in offering you a customized American-inspired menu, featuring the finest cuisine, tailored with a delightful regional twist. Each menu offers something for everyone and changes to complement the season and the region in which guests are traveling. Our chefs are encouraged to use locally grown, sustainable ingredients to masterfully create the regionally inspired and exquisite cuisine we are known for. Fresh foods are brought aboard daily, some from the farms and vineyards that we visit along the way.

Riverboat Dining

Meals are prepared to order and served in the Restaurant, where every seat offers a panoramic view of the passing scenery. Open seating dining allows you to dine when and with whom you want. Dietary needs and special requests are handled with precision and care.

Our culinary program is one more way that we connect your onboard experience to the destinations we visit.

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