Environmentally Respectful

American Cruise Lines leads the way with ship innovation in the U.S. and is focused on environmental responsibility. We believe in leadership through clear standards for sustainable tourism and responsible operation.

Emissions Control

Ships meet or exceed EPA Tier 3 emissions requirements. Tier 3 cuts NOx and particulate matter emissions by 80% over pre-tier levels.


All ships only use ultra-low sulfur diesel. No bunker oil is used.

Shore Power

New ships are “plug in ready” to any port with shoreside electrical infrastructure. Shore power allows vessels to shut down all shipboard carbon emitting equipment during port calls.

Wastewater Treatment

Advanced cruise ship wastewater treatment systems treat, store, and discharge liquid waste in a manner that outperforms most land-based waste treatment facilities.

Advanced Hull Design

Through our affiliate Chesapeake Shipbuilding, we research, design, and build vessel hulls that are both fuel efficient and reduce environmental disturbance. This includes hydrodynamic studies, aeration technology, noise and vibration reduction, and state-of-the-art propeller design. 

Route Miles Minimization

Where larger, foreign-flagged ships need to make international voyages between large cities, American Cruise Lines can often cut route miles by more than 70% by focusing on U.S. small towns and domestic itineraries.


American Cruise Lines is committed to keep all ships under 200 passengers. This allows responsible operation in the smallest towns, in harmony with the communities we visit.

Modernizing Our Fleet

Our eco-friendly cruise ships uses low-energy LED lighting throughout the ship as well as EPA Energy Star equipment to reduce overall onboard energy consumption. This means both less energy consumed and less electricity generated.

Navigating Sustainability

While the effect of cruise ships on the environment is a reality, at American Cruise Lines, we proudly commit to mitigating our effects and fostering positive change.

Committing to Sustainable Cruises

Our dedication to environmental respect and emission reduction reflects our unwavering commitment to a more sustainable and eco-friendly cruise experience.

Operational Efficiency

Advanced route planning techniques and rigorous officer training standards ensure that we minimize our impact on wildlife and work with, rather than against, the tides to move efficiently and quietly throughout the country. We minimize route miles and operate slowly, often overnight, to further reduce emissions.

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A Smooth Journey

Unlike cruising on the open ocean, the riverboat journey is a smooth one, with land never far out of sight and beautiful landscapes nearly close enough to touch. A riverboat is able to dock in the heart of destinations inaccessible to large cruise ships, resulting in an up-close exploration of the small towns and unique cities that define America.

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