American Cruise Lines is proud to sponsor the following cultural organizations:

U.S. Figure Skating

American Cruise Lines is proud to be an official sponsor of U.S. Figure Skating. This national governing body for the sport of figure skating in the U.S. is comprised of more than 765 member clubs, collegiate clubs, school affiliated clubs and more than 1,000 registered Learn to Skate USA programs representing over 200,000 members. Team USA is defined as those skaters who are selected by the International Committee and the International Skating Union to represent the United States at ISU events. American Cruise Lines celebrates the passion and commitment of these athletes, at all levels of their involvement and competition.


American Cruise Lines is proud to be an official sponsor of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, PBS’s most-watched ongoing primetime series. The show features antiques owners from across the country who bring in items to be appraised by the country’s leading antiques and collectibles experts. The true value of many antiques featured is intrinsically tied to their place in American history. American Cruise Lines’ guests have a common bond with ANTIQUES ROADSHOW’s millions of weekly viewers in their shared passion for American culture, and in uncovering the fascinating histories which often exist right in our own backyards.

The Smithsonian Institution and National Museum of American History

American Cruise Lines is the presenting sponsor of the Ruby Slippers from America’s most beloved film, The Wizard of Oz. The National Museum of American History offers enriching all-American experiences that educate their guests, reminding them of our nation’s past, present and future, what it means to be an American, and the universal truth of “there’s no place like home.”

Our Partners

American Cruise Lines is proud to partner with organizations around the country that share our passion for American history, the sea, and marine education.

The Seamen’s Church Institute (SCI)

Seamen's Church Institute (SCI) supports seafarers across the globe through pastoral services and maritime training work. SCI also operates regional training centers with many of the nation’s most sophisticated marine simulators. American Cruise Lines supports Seaman’s Church in their work highlighting the vital role of women in maritime and the role of mariners in the national economy.

National Maritime Historical Society (NMHS)

The National Maritime Historical Society (NMHS) celebrates America on the sea by raising awareness of our maritime heritage, America’s rise to power as a seafaring nation, and the U.S. Navy’s vital role in our history. NMHS invites all to share in the adventures of seafaring, whether on the water or through art and written history. American Cruise Lines celebrates and supports NMHS by continuously keeping maritime history alive for generations to come.

Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Massachusetts Maritime Academy is committed to building the next generation of merchant mariners. By blending quality education and leadership training with sea time and licensing program, MMA, prepares graduates for careers in the merchant marine or military services. American Cruise Lines is proud to make MMA a port of call and to recruit future maritime leaders.

The Maine Maritime Museum

Maine Maritime Museum connects people to the past, present, and future of Maine's shipbuilding industry. Located at the site of an old shipyard and next to the famous Bath Iron Works, the Maine Maritime Museum is in a unique position to show the evolution of American shipbuilding from wooden sailing ships to the most modern Navy vessels. American Cruise Lines believes in preserving our American history by sharing the stories of Maine’s rich maritime heritage, which includes docking inside the museum for excursions.

Columbia River Maritime Museum

The Columbia River Maritime Museum preserves the maritime history, culture and art of the Columbia River, its tributaries, and the waters of the North Pacific for the education and enjoyment of the public. The museum focuses particular attention on the heroic work of the United States Coast Guard in protecting life at sea, as well as to the many ships lost attempting “crossing the bar” at the mouth of the Columbia River for over 200 years. American Cruise Lines docks in front of the museum and supports its mission to educate guests on the amazing history of this region and its rivers.

Mystic Seaport

Mystic Seaport Museum is the nation’s leading maritime museum and strives to inspire an enduring connection to the American maritime experience. Their mission is to preserve the artifacts of America’s seafaring past through research and education where visitors can experience a living museum and collections research center. American Cruise Lines supports Mystic Seaport Museum’s mission to research, collect, preserve and educate guests on America’s maritime history and their diverse staff of scholars, librarians, scientists, skilled artisans and historians.

Additional Partners

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