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The expanse and beauty of America’s National Parks is awe-inspiring to say the least, and having the pleasure of developing American Cruise Lines National Park series is near and dear to my heart. As a self-proclaimed National Park geek, I carry my Explorer Passport book with me as I travel both personally and professionally and obtain Passport Stamps along each journey.

Over 150 years ago, the land that is now Yellowstone was set aside as America’s first National Park to preserve the land, protect wildlife and forests, and create a place for people to explore unique features the earth has provided. Today, there are 63 designated National Parks and over 400 sites encompassing 85 million acres that are managed by the National Park Service, and we want to explore some of these with our guests.

With extended land packages, adventure awaits! Imagine yourself as the first people to cross these lands. Watch in amazement as wildlife continues to flourish using the land as a resource for food and habitat. 

As we create these extended land packages for our national parks cruises, we visit each location, service provider, hotel, and restaurant to ensure that our standards are met while keeping the atmosphere and history of the National Parks in mind. Dinners focus on local fare that offers a variety of options for any preference. Experiences are selected to ensure that we offer highlights of each park in ways that allow everyone to enjoy through either a short walk or longer trail exploration. Remember, these parks have been in place for over a hundred years, so we plan accordingly and with consideration of the terrain in mind.

We look for a balance of activity levels that give everyone an adventure, whether that is a photo opportunity, walk, or other type of offering. Our Adventure Guides are with guests every step of the way, literally. From the luxury motorcoaches to the scenic trails, our National Park exploration will be a lasting memory.

American Cruise Lines National Park Cruise Locations

American Cruise Lines is currently offering small ship cruises to the following national parks:


If you want the chance to see America’s national parks by cruise ship, check out the available American Cruise Lines National Parks Cruises.